Whiteland Foundation Adopts School for Migrant Children In Gurugram

Whiteland Foundation Adopts School for Migrant Children In GurugramGurugram, 20th May 2024: Whiteland Foundation is proud to announce its first major step into the child education sector through the adoption of a school for underprivileged children in collaboration with BG Foundation. This pioneering project, located in the Bhawani Enclave area of Gurugram, aims to provide non-formal education to children of migrant workers who are not currently enrolled in formal schools. The initiative was officially inaugurated by Ms. Priyanka Sardana & Ms. Karishma Kaul Babbar, Trustees of Whiteland Foundation, along with other members.

The project  in Bhawani Enclave near Basai, Gurugram, focuses on children between the ages of 6 to 14 years who are not enrolled in formal schooling. The program offers Non-Formal Education (NFE) to 150 children, aiming to streamline their education and eventually integrate them into the formal school system. The project is envisioned as a long-term initiative, spanning 3-5 years, to make a substantial impact on the community. Additionally, the adopted school will feature a computer center to equip older children with basic computer skills.

Ms. Karishma Kaul Babbar, Trustee Whiteland Foundation said: “As we know, education is the birthright of every child. The Right to Education Act 2009 ensures free and compulsory education for every child between the ages of 6 to 14 years. Our adoption of this school and commitment to providing quality education will have a transformational impact on society. Education is a powerful tool for societal reform, and to build a Vikasit Bharat (developed India), Sikshit (educated) and responsible citizens are essential. Whiteland Foundation is dedicated to spreading education to bring poor and needy children into the mainstream, empowering them with knowledge.”

Whiteland Foundation’s mission is to uplift environment, Education, Women Empowerment, Health, Labor Welfare & Animal Welfare.

The project will engage qualified and experienced teachers from the community who will conduct baseline assessments to determine each student’s educational level. Teachers will meet with parents to complete the necessary paperwork for enrolment. Initially, teachers will focus on building rapport with students to encourage regular attendance. During this period, various learning techniques will be employed to enhance students’ interest in studies. Once regular attendance is established, formal education will commence based on structured modules. Teachers will also assign homework and projects to assess students’ progress.

BG Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children and young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds through education, skill development, and disaster management. The foundation operates schools in Tigra and Samastpur Village, accommodating 150 students, and continues to strive toward empowering the most vulnerable sections of society also meals will be provided them on daily basis.

This collaborative effort between Whiteland Foundation and BG Foundation represents a significant step towards providing quality education to underprivileged children, fostering their development, and integrating them into the mainstream education system.

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