Malaka Spice Unveils the Enchanting Flavors of Nasi Kandar with Summer Special Menu

Pune, 19th April 2024 – Embracing the cultural richness of Malaysia, Malaka Spice, is delighted to announce the launch of its highly anticipated Summer Menu. With a deep-rooted affection towards Malaysia and its cuisine, Malaka Spice has over the years paid homage to the country’s culinary heritage through various seasonal menus. This year, the spotlight shines on Peranakan food, with a special exploration of the beloved Nasi Kandar – a dish deeply cherished by the team. Guests can enjoy the flavourful recipes through a collaborative lunching experience of a Thaal.

Nasi Kandar Thaal -2

Nasi Kandar, originally brought to Penang from India, holds a special place in the hearts of the culinary artisans at Malaka Spice. This humble hawker meal served from brass pots balanced on bamboo poles to dock workers, has inspired the team to craft their interpretation of the flavourful curries that accompany the fragrant rice at its core.

“Our journey into Malaysian cuisine has been fuelled by a profound love for the country,” shared Mr Praful Chandawarkar, Founder and Managing Director of Chiranjeev Restaurant and Foods Pvt Ltd (House of Malaka Spice). “This year, we wanted to pay tribute to the vibrant flavours of Nasi Kandar and the Peranakan food culture that embodies the essence of Malaysia.”

Patrons can expect a gastronomic feast with Malaka Spice’s Summer Menu, featuring an array of signature dishes such as Pineapple Prawn Curry, Nasi Bokhari, Black Pepper Squid & Prawns, Yam Malay Curry Puff, and Mushroom Rendang. Each dish is carefully crafted to capture the spices and flavors of Malaysian cuisine and evoke a sense of nostalgia for the bustling streets of Penang.

Paired with aromatic rice and flavourful curries are a variety of side dishes, creating a hearty meal that invites diners to embrace the Malaysian tradition of eating with their hands. “Good food deserves to be felt not only by our taste buds but also by our hearts,” added Mr. Chandawarkar. “We encourage our guests to immerse themselves fully in the experience by flooding their rice with the multiple curries, just as we do.”

The new summer menu can be experienced as a traditional thaal for lunches at Malaka Spice in Koregaon Park and Kharadi (Pune). So get ready to embark on an extraordinary culinary journey through Malaysia’s finest flavours.

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