1441 Pizzeria, a pizza chain unveils a new logo and brand identity to promote the authentic pizza experience – “the way it should be!”

September 2022:

1441 Pizzeria, which has dominated the market for the past six years, has unveiled a new logo and color palette to freshen its identity, which includes new flavors of Italian pizzas prepared with fresh ingredients. They intend to revitalize the brand’s image as part of the rebranding and introduce quintessential Italian flavors to the Indian market.

The name is derived from Naples’ 14° East and 41° North locations, the birthplace of pizza! The original Italian Pizza Experience was brought to India in 2015, and the Italian Chef Renato Viola, a World Pizza Champion, designed the brand’s cuisine.

In order to give the pizzas a unique flavor and taste, they are topped with distinctive sauces, some of which are brand-exclusive. The founder’s mother re-created the 30-year-old family recipe for mama’s sauce. This sauce is made from a delicious blend of fresh ingredients. A dine-in menu created by Chef Renato Viola called the Master Chef Collection is also being introduced, in addition to a vast array of options including vegan and Jain items on the regular menu.


Krishna Gupta, Co-Founder of 1441 Pizzeria, has received the Forbes 30 under 30 award for his accomplishments in the restaurant industry. He shares, “With a new logo and menu, we aim to introduce the fun side of the brand. Over the past six years, we have experienced great success, expanding into four additional cities—Mumbai, Pune, Surat, and Hyderabad—and building a solid team of 200+ people across 20+ outlets. Since its inception, our company has grown to include 13 Dine-in Outlets and 9 Cloud Kitchens that offer dine-in, delivery, and takeaway options across India.”

To know more about the brand visit: https://linktr.ee/1441pizzeria

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