Apollo launches India’s 1st AI-Precision Oncology Centre

National, 20 January 2024: In a significant move that will substantially enhance the quality of oncology care in India, Apollo Cancer Centre has launched India’s first AI-Precision Oncology Centre (POC) in Bengaluru. With this, the center will be able to offer the fastest and best treatment routes to oncologists, patients and care givers, using the enormous possibilities offered by AI.

The POC with its comprehensive and specialised medical services ensures accurate diagnosis, real-time insights, cancer risk assessment, treatment protocol and continuum of care, thus providing first-of-its-kind cutting-edge services in oncology care in India. The AI-POC is designed to be patient-centric, in the most personalized manner. It identifies eligible patients for targeted therapy and immunotherapy, as part of the diagnosis and treatment planning. With the help of conversational AI, it educates the patients and family on diagnosis, treatment FAQs and connections to support groups.

The facility was inaugurated by Mr Dinesh Gundu Rao, State Minister for Health & Family Welfare, Karnataka in the presence of Ms Suneeta Reddy, Managing Director at Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd, Dr Vijay Agarwal, Lead & Senior Consultant – Medical Oncology, Apollo Cancer Centre (ACC), and Dr Vishwanath S, Senior Consultant – Medical Oncology, ACC, Bangalore.

Speaking at the inauguration, Mr Dinesh Gundu Rao, State Minister for Health & Family Welfare, Karnataka, said, “As we inaugurate India’s first AI-driven Precision Oncology Centre at Apollo Cancer Centres, Bengaluru, I am honoured to witness a groundbreaking convergence of innovation and healthcare. This pioneering initiative not only represents a monumental leap in medical technology but it also symbolises hope and progress for patients and caregivers. Apollo Hospitals’ commitment to personalised oncology care through AI is a beacon of compassion and advancement, ensuring a brighter future for those battling cancer.”

Ms. Suneeta Reddy, Managing Director, Apollo Hospitals, said, “The launch of AI Precision Oncology Centre marks a significant stride in redefining cancer care. This transformative initiative is a testament to our unwavering commitment to personalized medicine and technological innovation. The Precision Oncology Centre reflects our dedication to providing patients with the most advanced, tailored treatments, underscoring Apollo Hospitals’ relentless pursuit of excellence in healthcare delivery.”

Apollo’s AI Precision Oncology centre will also play a significant role in aiding India in becoming a global medical hub offering world class cancer care at an affordable cost.

Dr Vijay Agarwal, Lead & Senior Consultant – Medical Oncology, ACC, Bengaluru, said, “The Centre will support new patient identification through auto-alerts to operational teams that identify eligible patients for PoCs. Patient SOS auto-alerts to operational teams on deteriorating patient outcomes for intervention and clinical escalation form another key feature.”

Apollo Hospitals’ commitment to innovation and excellence is embodied in the unveiling of the AI-driven Precision Oncology Centre. The Precision Oncology Centre embodies our dedication to revolutionizing oncology care through personalized, data-driven solutions, reflecting Apollo Hospitals’ unwavering pursuit of excellence in healthcare delivery.

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