Discover the Latest in Colorectal Cancer Research and Treatment at HALLO DOC! Event -March 20th, 2024

19th Apr 2024: Don’t miss the opportunity to gain valuable insights into cutting-edge research, new treatment modalities, and therapeutic approaches for colorectal cancer. Join Mainz Biomed N.V. at the HALLO DOC! event on March 20, 2024, in Berlin, Germany, and be part of a crucial discussion during Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

Expert Insights: Keynote presentations by renowned experts, including Prof. Dr. Guido Schumacher, Priv. Doz. Dr. med Annika Kurreck, Prof. Dr. Ingo Froböse, and Priv. Doz. Dr. Severin Daum, offers invaluable insights into modern colorectal cancer treatment methods, the critical role of early detection, and personalized medicine.

Patient Perspective: A moving account by Jule Blöhmer, a young colorectal cancer survivor, aiming to inspire and inform others about the journey through diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.

Interactive Sessions: Engaging Q&A sessions with the audience, both on-site and streaming online, facilitating a deeper understanding and discussion about colorectal cancer.

Innovative Research: Presentation of groundbreaking studies on the role of the microbiome and molecular markers in colorectal cancer prevention and treatment, highlighting Mainz Biomed’s contributions to the field.

Networking Opportunity: A “Get Together” session to conclude the event, allowing for personal interactions among attendees, speakers, and professionals.

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