Easterseals Florida Recognizes Developmental Disability Awareness Month

Easterseals School for Limitless Learning

Hillsborough County, FL (March 13, 2024) – Easterseals Florida is proud to join communities nationwide in recognizing March as Developmental Disability Awareness Month. This annual observance is dedicated to raising awareness about developmental disabilities, promoting inclusion, and advocating for the rights of individuals with disabilities.

“As an organization dedicated to creating full equity, inclusion, and access for people with disabilities, families, and communities, Developmental Disability Awareness Month holds significant importance for us,” said Sue Ventura, Easterseals Florida President and CEO. “We believe in fostering inclusive communities where everyone, regardless of ability, has the opportunity to thrive.”

Serving 40 of Florida’s 67 counties, Easterseals Florida provides direct services to people with disabilities and their caregivers across the lifespan, from children with autism and developmental delays to adults with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

In the Tampa Bay region, Jenn Sifferman serves as the Vice President of Programs for Easterseals Florida. With a passion for helping young children and families succeed, Sifferman’s goal is to expand Easterseals’ community footprint. A large part of that vision is the Easterseals School for Limitless Learning, coming to the Bloomingdale area later this year.

“Easterseals is thrilled to be able to offer a play-based approach to learning for neurodiverse children at the School for Limitless Learning. DIRFloortime® focuses on Development, Individual differences, and Relationships for building lasting connections with children. We believe in creating connections and a community of learning through an understanding that each child comes with individual differences. Our job as educators is to meet children where they are and assist them in their journey to reach their full potential,” said Sifferman.

Currently under construction, the Easterseals School for Limitless Learning will address the increasing demand for tailored early education programs for children with autism, ADHD, learning disabilities, and other neurodiverse traits. The school’s play-based curriculum and inclusive approach will cater to young children from infancy to second grade, aiming to help them reach developmental milestones through hands-on activities in a private school setting at the new campus in Valrico’s BayCare HealthHub.

The Easterseals School for Limitless Learning will introduce two specialized programs: a lower elementary program (preschool to second grade) and an early childhood program (infant to three years). Both programs will be based on the DIRFloortime® model developed by Dr. Stanley Greenspan, a proven play-based approach to support children with autism.

The school is on track to offer its first Summer STEAM Camp this July, welcoming neurodiverse children from preschool to second grade to the new campus. The lower elementary and early childhood programs are anticipated to open at the start of the 2024-25 school year.

Families interested in securing a spot for their children at the Easterseals School for Limitless Learning are encouraged to join the waitlist by contacting the school via email at LimitlessLearning@fl.easterseals.com, calling 813-236-5589, or visiting https://www.easterseals.com/florida/programs-and-services/children–families/school-for-limitless-learning.html.

In addition to the new school, Easterseals programs in Hillsborough County include the in-home Early Learning and Intervention Program, the in-home PLAY (Play and Language for Autistic Youngsters) Project, The Incredible Years® with Easterseals group therapy, and STRIVE (Skills Training Results in Vocational Employment).

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