Elante Foundation provides COVID relief assistance, free food and shelter to construction workers.

Elante Foundation provides COVID relief assistance, free food and shelter to construction workers.

The most vulnerable working class to be impacted by second wave of Covid-19, are the migrant workers of Delhi NCR, who are having tough time to sustain both their livelihood and safety against the deadly virus. To combat their struggle, the Elante Group has come forward to ensure their work security and health safety around the construction sites.

Elante Foundation, an NGO initiated by Akash Kohli, a Gurgaon based luxury real estate developer, is reaching out to migrant labours to take care of their financial and employment needs in these unprecedented times. As of now the relief team of Elante Foundation has employed more than 100 workers while ensuring them a risk free construction habitat.

Akash Kohli, Founder – Elante Foundation said, “We are just doing our bit to save the poor labours in a situation where the whole construction sector is at halt. Our team is assisting construction workers to get registered for the vaccination. Also, we have appointed a doctor on call to assist in case if any such situation arises. We ensure free food and shelter to the workers to minimize their commute and risk of getting infected along the way.”

“Moreover, as we employed more than 100 workers and adding more rapidly, the site managers distribute face mask, hand gloves to these workers everyday on the site. Also, multiple hand sanitizer dispensers have been installed at the construction site to provide them basic safety against the infection.” he added.
Though for the past few days, Delhi NCR is recording low number of new cases and high recovery rate, it is not to be mistaken that the risk of Covid infection is gone. As the construction industry is mostly affected by absence of migrant workers leaving to their native states, the relief work provided by Elante Foundation in the favour of construction workers may convince them to return back to work.

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