OMRON Healthcare launches new experience & service centre in Varanasi

OMRON Healthcare launches new experience & service centre in Varanasi

Varanasi, May 12, 2022: OMRON Healthcare India – a leading player in the digital blood pressure monitoring domain –is set to expand its retail presence in tier 2 cities with a new Experience Center in Varanasi. This marks their 6thexclusive OMRON Experience Center, totaling 80 touchpoints across India including experience, service, and pick-up centers.

OMRON has always been keen to strengthen close& direct connect with its consumers for a more personal and hands-on approach. The Experience Centers aim to facilitate exactly this physical experience through actual product demonstrations along with providing the complete gamut of repair services ranging from run-of-the-mill calibration issues to advanced technical interventions. It is expected to address 100+ customers daily, where they will be provided with quick resolution of queries and complete know-how on the utility & functionality of OMRON healthcare products.

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Commenting on the announcement, Mr. Kotaro Suzuki, the newly appointed Managing Director of OMRON Healthcare India, said, “I am looking forward to accelerating the progress of OMRON’s healthcare business in the country while supporting the growth and development of my business partners as well as team members. The opening of experience centers in Tier 2 cities signifies the further progress for our “Going for Zero” vision that aims to contribute towards the preventive healthcare management of the people of India by enhancing the reach of our monitoring& therapy devices for cardiovascular, respiratory, and pain management domains. With advanced sensing & digital technologies in place, the devices enable real-time information sharing with the healthcare professionals, thus adding more value to the diagnosis& disease management.”

Studies have suggested that when it comes to buyer behavior toward over-the-counter medical devices, consumers are often confused by the perceived benefits and social context of the product. To eliminate this possibility, the center is equipped with an ‘Experience Zone’ for customers offering live demos for all OMRON products (digital BP monitors, nebulisers, body composition monitorsTENS – the pain management devices, and thermometers) providing product knowledge to empower consumers.

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OMRON strives to maintain a strong presence in both new and traditional channels so that the company can stay dynamic and responsive to all kinds of needs of the customers. The objective is to make them experience the technology themselves so that they adopt it swiftly and also get a better customer service experience. This is in sync with OMRON’s overarching objective of empowering people to lead healthier and more comfortable lives.

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