Sewa International equips the nation with Mission Niramayah to combat COVID-19’s third wave

Sewa International equips the nation with Mission Niramayah to combat COVID-19’s third wave

Sewa International, a global non-profit organization, gears up with the health initiative Mission Niramayah to fight against the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. The initiative, which began in October 2021, aims to strengthen the understanding of precautions, symptoms, diagnostic measures, and treatment of coronavirus and its variants, especially in rural India.

Sewa International is nurturing a network of health volunteers, called ‘Aarogya Preraks’, to build long-term health resilience across the nation, with 1Lakh+ villages as the target. By the end of January, the organization will reach 1, 00,000 villages with a diagnostic and preventive kit. This will pave the way for early detection of COVID-19 while facilitating isolation and ensuring timely medication to the patients.

Equipping India before the third wave hits the country, the core objective of Mission Niramayah is to aid people in distress and put a check before the situation degenerates due to the pandemic. The healthcare initiative will benefit around 12.5 crore people, across 720+ districts in all 28 states.

Speaking on the initiative, Shri Shyam Parande, Secretary, Sewa International, said, “Sewa International has been working extensively in diverse areas for over two decades. Managing disasters end to end, we have also expanded ourselves in health, education, women empowerment, etc. For the past two years, we all have been grappling with an unseen enemy  COVID-19, and the way new variants are unfolding is quite alarming for people with inadequate medical facilities. In the light of current events and to support the nation in this ongoing war against COVID-19, Mission Niramayah has been initiated. When we started working we had the lowest COVID-19 cases, and today we are in the middle of the third wave. We are glad that we are better prepared this time.”

As of today, the kits have already reached 30,000+ villages in the nation, 40,000+ kits are in a transition stage, and 30,000+ are set to reach their destined villages in the next 2 weeks. These kits are being used to identify COVID-19 patients and ensure the isolation of patients.

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