Yatender Dahiya Who Is Known To Be A Fitness Specalist

Yatender Dahiya Who Is Known To Be A Fitness Specalist

A YOUTUBER, FITNESS COACH, AND A DREAMER For a variety of reasons, fitness
is a crucial element of our overall health, but what exactly is fitness? It does not
imply that you can lift extremely large weights or run a marathon, though those
who can do so are in excellent shape. Exercise at a group fitness facility allows
the normal individual to enjoy life to the fullest and covers the three vital
aspects of our being: physical, mental, and emotional wellness.
Sometimes life takes so many twists and turns that we end up thinking about where
we went wrong but we fail to acknowledge life had planned something big for
us. The same happened to Yatender Dahiya, who had an amazing plan to settle
abroad and do his future studies but life took a big turn, and now he is one of
the biggest fitness beasts in India. He has been awarded Mr. Gurgaon, Mr.
Haryana and Mr. North India Mr. Dahiya firmly believes that fitness itself is a
journey, a big journey.
According to him, he quotes “using shortcuts in such a professional field
reward you with nothing but failure”. So all the young aspirants who are willing
to go or take up the same journey must keep this in mind, it will be hard but it’s
all worth it.


Yatender dahiya’s biggest inspiration and motivator is none other than his older
brother MR. Dheeraj dahiya. He is his biggest supporter and yet one of the
reasons of seems unbeatable is because of course what is bigger than the love and
support one gets from his or her family members. It seems like he was born to
play the role in this fitness industry. Talking about the fitness industry with eyes
filled with the passion he says “ I want to represent my country and I know I will,
it’s my dream”.

He talks about how he took a facade to reach where he is right now and hence
this proves the fact that it isn’t for all. “There are so many things this journey
has taught me but my personal favorite will be that you will get whatever you
will give” he says Apparently he wants all the youngsters out there to learn
patience, consistency, and determination


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