HeeSay Launched the ‘LivelyLaugh’ Campaign during Songkran, encouraging LGBTQ+ People to Share Love and Joy

HeeSay Launched the ‘LivelyLaugh’ Campaign during Songkran, encouraging LGBTQ+ People to Share Love and Joy

BANGKOK, THAILAND – Media OutReach Newswire – 19 April 2024 – HeeSay, the LGBTQ+ online community, launched an eye-grabbing ‘LivelyLaugh’ campaign to celebrate Thailand’s annual water-splashing festival, Songkran.


In HeeSay’s offline booth set up during GCircuit, Asia’s largest gay-focused Songkran event, participants are encouraged to capture their laughter via instant cameras and post the photos on the bulletin board.

According to the Market Head of HeeSay Thailand, this ‘laughter-collecting’ event has garnered the attention of over 1,000 audiences every day. By April 15, about 4,500 people have attended this activity on the spot.

“Under the ‘LivelyLaugh’ campaign, we look to enhance the connection among LGBTQ+ people and encourage them to showcase and express themselves more bravely. This event not only tallies with Thailand’s well-known title as ‘the Land of Smiles’, but also fits what HeeSay’s slogan ‘Live, Love and Laugh Together’ has been delivering.” the Market Head of HeeSay Thailand added.

It’s noteworthy that HeeSay, as the only LGBTQ+ social app partner of GCircuit, also rolled out some other signature events during these days. Among them, the ‘360 Picture Booth’ captivated a bunch of audiences by offering them more immersive video-shooting experiences in a dynamic 360-degree view; participants stood on the platform as the camera rotated 360 degrees around them, and they could pose and laugh in any way they liked to let the camera record.

HeeSay’s presence in GCircuit has been deemed as the first public offline event in Thailand since its upgrade from the international version of Blued. As the brand officially debuted this January, HeeSay has been devoted to building a diversified and open-minded online content community to connect LGBTQ+ people worldwide and bring more interactive experiences by providing an array of social scenes like livestreaming, voice chat, posting and dating.

The Head of HeeSay said that this platform would continue to initiate a series of innovative offline activities that conform to its mission of sharing love and joy among Japan, South Korea, SEA, and North America markets to make more LGBTQ+ users acquire a sense of belonging and identity.

In the upcoming Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2024, one of Asia’s most significant LGBTQ+ events, HeeSay is reported to set up creative booths to celebrate the diversity of Japan’s LGBTQ+ community and engage more to join HeeSay’s efforts on co-building the sustainable content ecosystem.

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