9th Global Leadership Research Conference (GLRC-2024), commences at Amity

The 9th Global Leadership Research Conference (GLRC-2024), on the theme, “New Paradigms of Business Management in the Era of Analytics, Sustainability and Innovation”, commenced at Amity University Noida. The three -day conference was organized to encourage and enhance research on Innovations in Business Management that ensure sustainability facilitated through the power of Analytics and to deliberate on various sustainable business strategies, and innovative models for a new era of professionalism. The Conference includes five parallel tracks namely, Finance, Human Resource, Marketing, Entrepreneurship and General Management and five different Forums including Sustainability Forum, Operations & Quality Forum, Marketing Forum, Leadership Forum and Human Resource Forum.

Amity Officials with the esteemed Guests during the Inaugural Session of GLRC-2024 1

Addressing the gathering during the Inaugural Session, Chief Guest, Shri Arif Mohammad Khan, Hon’ble Governor of Kerala, averred, “Amity Education Group is the most reputed and prestigious educational institution across the globe. The institution lays emphasis on value-based education, by blending modernity with tradition and inculcating great human values in the students. I extend my Best Wishes to all the participants and hope that the Conference will be highly beneficial for the students.”

Addressing the students of Amity, Guest of Honor, Mr. Christopher Greenwood, CEO – Success Mpowered, stated, “Students are the future leaders, and it is not only about their educational qualifications, knowledge or skills but it is about having the right attitude, which defines them. Life is full of unexpected challenges and takes many twists and turns. Therefore, having a mentor in life is extremely crucial who can guide and motivate you to achieve your goals. Students should not compete with others and do something which makes them happy. The attributes of stability and flexibility are essential for a good leader and it is also important to consult your body, mind, intellect and conscience, before taking any decision.”

Sharing his words of wisdom, Dr. Atul Chauhan, Chancellor, Amity University Uttar Pradesh, stated, “Research and innovation is in the DNA of Amity. Exceptional leaders follow a trajectory path, and their growth is not linear but exponential. The young leaders should focus on shaping the future by benefiting the society and doing service to the nation. Students should not waste their precious time on social media, instead they must utilize their time for developing their skills and enhancing their knowledge.”

Mr. Christopher Greenwood, CEO - Success Mpowered, addressing the gathering during the 9th Global Leadership Research Conference -2024 3

Mr. Avinash Pandey, CEO- ABP Network, President- News Broadcasters & Digital Association and President, International Advertising Association (India Chapter), said, “The role of media is not only to report but also to envision and articulate the world, as it should be. Media is the torch bearer of hope, catalysts of change and architects of a more sustainable, equitable and bright future. Leadership means listening to the audience, responding to their request and reinventing oneself, if one has to.”, advised Mr. Pandey.

Dr. Balvinder Shukla, Vice Chancellor Amity University Uttar Pradesh, said, “Through this conference, students will learn how they can steer their organization on the path of growth and develop leadership skills. Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Human Resource Analytics have become integral areas of management and are not restricted to technology anymore. Therefore, integration of technology and management skills is extremely important for the students along with being innovative and following sustainable business practices.”

Mr. Rahul Shanker, CEO, Modicare Ltd, adressing the students during the Inaugural Session of GLRC-2024 2

During the Inaugural Session, Amity Excellence Awards were presented to Amity Alumni Mr. Rahul Shanker, CEO, Modicare Ltd. and Mr. Biswapriya Bhattacharjee, Executive Director, KANTAR. Accepting his award, Mr. Rahul Shanker, CEO, Modicare Ltd. Said, “It is because of the Vision of Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan that Amity has become a globally recognized institution. Therefore, it is very important to have a vision in life and develop the right attitude and mindset.” Sharing the mantra for success, Mr. Biswapriya Bhattacharjee, Executive Director, KANTAR, stated, “Being passionate, hard working and having the right attitude can make a person truly successful in life.”

Highlighting the significance of the Conference, Prof. (Dr.) Sanjeev Bansal, Dean FMS & Director Amity Business School, said, “Each success story is an outcome of constant adaptation and change. This Conference will bring together experts and leaders of marketing, entrepreneurs, innovators and human resource professionals and I am hopeful that students will highly benefit from their experiences and talks.”

On the first day of the Conference, a Panel Discussion on the topic, “Towards a Sustainable Future”, was also held during the “Sustainability Forum”, wherein experts including Mr. Ivan Coste-Manière, Founder and Scientific Director, Skema Business School, Lille, France, Dr. Renu Agarwal, Chief Medical Superintendent, Gautam Budh Nagar, Dr. Geeta Malhotra, Country Director, READ INDIA, Dr. Sanjiv K Singh, Medical Superintendent, Amrita School of Medicine and Mr. Ravish Mehra, Chairman, GEM Green Interior Rating, shared their views.

On the second day of the Conference, “Operations & Quality Forum”, “Marketing Forum” and “Leadership Forum”, will be held for the management students, along with Paper Presentations and Technical Sessions on “General Management Paradigm”, “Entrepreneurship Paradigm”, “Marketing Management Paradigm”, “Human Resource Paradigm” and Finance Paradigm”.

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