Close to 1400 school athletes competed in multi-sports on day 4 of the SFA Championships

Bengaluru, January 20th, 2024: An action packed Day 4 of the SFA Championships in Bengaluru unfolded with multiple sports, showcasing a combination of grit, determination and commitment by athletes, across the city. The Padukone Dravid Centre for Sports Excellence (PDCSE) took center stage, with the commencement of Badminton, Volleyball and Basketball matches, while the Force 1 Skating Rink witnessed the thrilling kickoff of skating competitions.

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On the commencement of Badminton at the Championships, Prakash Padukone, Founder, Padukone Sports Management shared, “All that we need to do is give a child a ground to play, and then see their passion for sports soar higher. Enabling a sporting platform for school athletes to compete in diverse sports, SFA Championships is a great step in discovering future potential. During our times, we could only watch other players and learn to get better. With the SFA Championships, emerging athletes can now get an early exposure to coaches, professional stadiums and plan their careers in sports. At the Padukone Dravid Centre for Sports Excellence (PDCSE), we are glad to be supporting this grassroots movement shaping the country’s landscape in sports”.

Basketball finals of U-11 girls and boys brought the courts to life with spirited competition. The U-11 Basketball final witnessed an impressive victory by Vidyashilpa, who dominated the court against Greenwoods, with a remarkable score of 14-0. Volleyball semi-finals in the U-16 and U-18 boys categories kept spectators on the edge of their seats with intensive sporting battles. At the skating rink, competitions kicked off from U-7 to U-17 categories, with participants gliding with impressive manoeuvres in pursuit of victory.
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Filled with pride, Chirag S. Gowda’s father, witnessing his son’s success in skating, shared, “We’re extremely happy that Chirag won a silver medal in the U-7 category for 200m quads and a gold medal in the 400m quads (U-7 category). His mother, who is a national-level netball player, is his inspiration in sports. This was our first experience at the SFA Championships, and the well organised structure and support made it a seamless and an enjoyable experience. I believe that such platforms play a crucial role in motivating children to move forward in sports.”

Football action continued, featuring knockout rounds for U-14 Boys and quarter finals for U-16 Boys. Simultaneously, the Tennis quarter finals were held for boys in the category from U-10 to U-16, along with the U-14 Boys (Doubles) final, adding intensity to the atmosphere.

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