CNBC-TV18 Launches Hashtag MyBudgetWishlist Campaign: A platform for Citizens to share their views

27th January 2023: CNBC-TV18, India’s leading business news channel, announces Hash tag MyBudgetWishlist campaign, capturing the nation’s expectations ahead of the eagerly awaited Union Budget on February 1st. This unique initiative aims to offer citizens a platform to voice their opinions and ideas for the country’s future, as we also approach the General Elections. By encouraging citizens nationwide to participate, the #MyBudgetWishlist campaign seeks to amplify the voice of the public. Through a dynamic and engaging campaign, CNBC-TV18 seeks to become the bridge that connects the citizens with the decision-makers.

One of the distinctive features of this campaign is the CNBC-TV18 Budget Ballot, where people can submit their budget wish list online and offline. For online participation, individuals can visit the dedicated campaign page to share their expectations. To effectively engage the viewers about the upcoming budget, the channel launched an exclusive social media filter, enabling users to express their views.


To extend the reach of the campaign a ballot box will be placed in selected colleges and multiplexes across Mumbai and Delhi this weekend where people can come and cast their expectations from the Union Budget. These Budget expectations collected will be shared with the Finance Minister. Furthermore, CNBC-TV18 will showcase these expectations during its comprehensive budget coverage, providing a unique insight into the sentiments and expectations of the Indian public.

Shereen Bhan, Managing Editor, CNBC-TV18 said, “For more than two decades, CNBC-TV18 has analysed the intricate details of the Budget, interpreting its repercussions on the economy, business, markets, and the general public. With the #MyBudgetWishlist campaign, this year CNBC-TV18 is empowering citizens to play an active role in shaping the nation’s economic trajectory ahead of the Union Budget. Every voice matters, and we want to amplify it as we approach the eagerly awaited Union Budget on February 1st. Let’s make this budget truly reflective of the aspirations of the people.”

Smriti Mehra, CEO – Business News, Network18 said, “The budgetary timeframe provides us with an excellent chance to reaffirm our commitment as a reliable investment partner for our audience. In the run-up to the General Elections, #MyBudgetWishlist becomes a crucial platform for citizens to articulate their expectations. CNBC-TV18’s Budget Ballot, both online and offline, provides a unique opportunity for individuals to contribute to the national discourse.

As the nation gears up for the General Elections, CNBC-TV18 invites everyone to be a part of this extraordinary initiative and contribute to shaping the economic future of the nation. Join the #MyBudgetWishlist campaign and let your voice be heard.

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