DGP Haryana talks about cybercrime in IIM Rohtak

Rohtak, 13th May 2024: The Indian Institute of Management Rohtak had the distinct honor of hosting Shri ShatrujeetKapur, IPS, Director General of Police, Haryana. During his visit, the dignitary delivered a keynote address on people management, the role of digital technology, and contemporary issues in security, especially cybersecurity, to IPL (Integrated Programme in Law) students and shared valuable insights with the audience. The event also featured an engaging interaction between the esteemed guests and the students.

DGP Haryana

Prof. Dheeraj Sharma, Director, IIM Rohtak expressed his delight and honor at having Shri ShatrujeetKapur. Professor Sharma urged students to seize the opportunity to engage with Shri Kapurby enriching their experiences. He also encouraged students to take up internships and projects in the field of cybercrimes and write white papers and/or case studies.

Reflecting on insights from his experience, Shri Kapur emphasized the importance of delegating routine tasks to focus on strategic planning and working on new initiatives. He noted the tendency to perform urgent tasks often at the expense of important concerns like training and capacity building. Shri Kapur urged maintaining focus on important matters despite the allure of urgency, cautioning against the potential loss of sight of critical long-term goals in the face of immediate demands. He underlined that the effectiveness of one’s tenure ultimately relies on adept people management, citing the essential role of managing teams and leadership. While highlighting the importance of professional competence, Shri Kapur also underscored the significance of empathy, fairness, honesty, and courage in leadership behaviors. Encouraging every individual to be an aspiring leader, he advocated for conscious goal-setting, prioritization, and a focused approach to task management over multitasking.

While discussing the issue of security, Mr. Kapur highlighted the increasing importance of cybercrimes (Rs 500 crores equivalent)vis-à-vis more traditional crimes (10 crores equivalent) in the state of Haryana. In every day there are about 250 victims of cybercrimes and many of them are educated but hesitant to report the same. He elaborated on the measures taken to combat cybercrime such as establishing a reporting portal and helpline number (1930) to aid victims and ensuring prompt response from local jurisdictions. He emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts with banks through dedicated teams of law enforcement in facilitating immediate assistance to victims.

Drawing parallels to medical emergencies, Shri Kapur emphasized the critical importance of timely reporting in the proper resolution of cybercrimes. Other areas of focus include scrutiny of SIM card issues and addressing lax practices within banking institutions, particularly regarding KYC procedures, to prevent identity theft. He expressed satisfaction that Haryana Police’s proactive approach resulted in it being recognized as nationally the number one region in blocking illicit, cybercrime-related transactions.

Elaborating on governmental measures to check cybercrime, Shri Kapur drew attention to the recent announcement of cyber warrior positions by the Gurgaon police, which garnered over 11,000 applications. Besides delving into cybercrime, he also emphasized the importance of understanding the workings of law enforcement agencies for law students. He highlighted the pivotal role of police stations as the initial responders for setting the legal proceedings in motion and offered students of IIM Rohtak internships at 122 police stations in Haryana to gain firsthand experience in this increasingly critical area.

IIM Rohtak distinguishes itself as a leading institution with a student body exceeding 1500, making it the largest in enrollment. The flagship program of PGP is internationally accredited by AMBA, making it in the top 2% of management institutes worldwide. The institution has earned a noteworthy global ranking of 151+ in the QS-World University Rankings 2024 and secured the 12th position in the management category in the NIRF India Rankings 2023. As far as the batch profile is concerned, IIM Rohtak has consistently maintained more than 70% female representation of students in the last three years.

The student body is represented by 30 states and union territories, which adds to the rich and varied academic community. As one of the most prominent names in academia presently, the institute is known for producing high-quality research output in all functional management areas, ranking amongst the top 3 to 5 IIMs in per capita research output. The institute offers eight one-of-a-kind programs to students from various academic and socio-economic backgrounds, imparting knowledge with multi-disciplinary outlooks to prepare future business leaders.

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