From Childhood Doodles to Home Gallery: Santanu Hazarika’s Mom Champions His Art

For artist Santanu Hazarika, his mother has been his biggest cheerleader and source of inspiration throughout his life and creative journey. From his earliest days dressing in stylish outfits she picked, to the present where she proudly displays his artwork around the home, Santanu’s mother has provided unconditional love and encouragement every step of the way.

“My mom is the biggest fan critic of my work,” Santanu shared. “She has always been supportive of my art.” Her belief in her son’s talents started from a young age when she would carefully collect and save every piece he created, from published articles and illustrations to simple childhood drawings and test prints others may have discarded.

With a mother’s keen eye, she recognized and nurtured Santanu’s budding creativity and unique sense of style. “When I was a child she would dress me up in the coolest way possible,” he recalled fondly. “I guess I get my sense of dressing from my mom.”

Today, Santanu’s mother continues to be his #1 fan, curating a gallery in their home devoted to celebrating his artistic works through the years. Her caring presence and supportive nature over the decades have been a constant source of inspiration for Santanu to pursue his passion wholeheartedly.

This Mother’s Day, Santanu and many others can reflect on how their mother’s unconditional love and nurturing instilled self-confidence and creative freedom from a young age. For artists and creative professionals, few cheerleaders are more important than Mom.

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