Luckin Coffee Launched the Latest SOE Series: Gesha, Legend of Legends

SINGAPORE, April 5, 2024  — Luckin Coffee has launched the latest Single Origin Espresso (SOE) Black Cup Gesha series, bringing its high-quality taste and distinct flavours to local coffee customers. Savour the premium taste of Gesha beans handpicked by Luckin Coffee’s experienced “Global Bean Hunting” team.


The newest Luckin Black Cup series is meticulously crafted with high-quality and rare Gesha beans, often revered as the “Legend of Legends”. Sourced at altitudes of 1909 to 2609 meters in the region of Bench Maji, Ethiopia (the birthplace of Gesha), Luckin Coffee’s Gesha is available in limited quantities, equipped with a medley of vibrant floral, succulent berries and smooth macadamia notes, ensuring each cup a truly delightful coffee experience. Luckin Coffee’s Gesha series is available in variations of Americano, Latte, Flat White, and Dirty.

This April, indulge in a cup from just $4.50, available across all Luckin Coffee stores in Singapore. New users who download the Luckin Coffee app can enjoy their first Luckin Black Cup.

In addition to the Gesha series, Luckin Coffee is introducing the fan-favourite Hambella this April and Sumatra Gayo at the beginning of May 2024. The evergreen collection of Luckin SOE Yirgacheffe is also available in Singapore stores.

Discover Luckin Black Cup

Luckin Black Cup is crafted under the guidance of the World Barista Championship (WBC) champions team. In 2023, Luckin Coffee launched its “Global Bean Hunting Initiative”, spearheaded by the WBC champions team, seeking premium coffee beans from renowned regions and estates worldwide, engaging in every aspect of cultivation, harvesting, processing, and quality assurance.

“SOE” typically refers to single-origin or single-area espresso, usually stands for premium coffee. Different regions’ soil, climate, altitude, and other environmental conditions impart unique flavours and aromas to coffee beans, showcasing the distinctive flavour characteristics of the origin. From nutty and chocolatey notes to fruity and floral aromas, Luckin Black Cup will provide consumers with exceptional experiences.

Limited Luckin Black Cup Offer, this April

Follow the journey of the Luckin SOE and discover the rich flavours and allure of premium coffee beans sourced from core-producing regions worldwide. This April, Luckin Black Cup SOE is starting from just $4.50 per cup, available at all island-wide stores. New users who download the Luckin Coffee app can enjoy their first drink.

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