XCMG Machinery Triumphs with the 2024 German Design Award for Outstanding Integrated Campaigns and Advertising

FRANKFURT, Germany, March 30, 2024 — XCMG Machinery is proud to announce its recent triumph at the 2024 German Design Awards, where it has been awarded the Excellent Communications Design in Integrated Campaigns and Advertising for its innovative “Cultural Gift” design. This accolade underscores XCMG’s commitment to blending industrial culture with rich contemporary significance, further establishing its position as a leader in sustainable development within the industry.

The award-winning design features a collection of culturally inspired items, including tea sets, playing cards, decorative lamps, USB drives, thermal mugs, and business backpacks. Each item is meticulously crafted following green and low-carbon principles from concept through production. The design draws inspiration from Han Dynasty stone relief paintings, ingeniously integrating engineering equipment components with traditional Han elements to create a novel visual composition that bridges modern manufacturing with ancient Chinese culture.

This recognition by the German National Design Award marks another significant milestone for XCMG following their victory at the “2023 Red Dot Winner” award in Germany this past July. The German Design Award stands as one of the most competitive and influential accolades globally within contemporary design sectors. It celebrates groundbreaking designs that set new directions in the world of design.

The core theme of XCMG’s winning entry revolves around “rooted in culture and based on innovation,” showcasing scenes where modern equipment manufacturing intersects with Han Dynasty aesthetics. This approach not only pays homage to millennia-old Han culture—a brilliant gem in China’s civilization—but also highlights Xuzhou’s deep historical roots as a cradle of Han cultural heritage.

As an emblematic city rich in two thousand years of history and cultural depth, Xuzhou provides endless inspiration for creativity that shines through this internationally recognized achievement. Through such endeavors, XCMG continues to foster sustainable industry development while promoting Chinese cultural heritage on a global stage.

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