Shrachi Sports Ventures (SSV) Empowers Indian Para Athletes for Kobe 2024 World Para Athletics World Championships

Shrachi Sports Ventures (SSV) Empowers Indian Para Athletes for Kobe 2024 World Para Athletics World Championships

Kolkata, May 10, 2024: With great enthusiasm and determination, the Indian contingent comprising 33 athletes is all set to embark on their journey to the Kobe 2024 World Para Athletics World Championships. Shrachi Sports Ventures stands proud as a staunch supporter of the nation’s para athletes. With a steadfast commitment to inclusivity and equality in sports, Shrachi Group has played an integral role in nurturing Indian sports talent and empowering athletes to achieve their dreams.

The send-off ceremony was recently held marking a significant moment for these athletes as they prepare to showcase their prowess on the global stage. Total 40 athletes, 32 men and 8 women, are participating in this edition which is to be held between 17th-24th May, 2024

In the previous edition of the World Championships in Paris, India secured a commendable tally of 9 medals, including three golds. Looking ahead to Kobe 2024, the Indian team is aiming to surpass this achievement with a target of 13-14 medals. The athletes have undergone rigorous training and have received unparalleled support to enhance their performance. Positive results are expected from proven champions like Sumit Antil, Sachin Khilari, Simran Sharma and others.

Reflecting on this momentous occasion, Mr. Rahul Todi, Managing Director of Shrachi Group, reiterated the importance of inclusivity and equality in sports. “Sports has the power to transcend barriers and foster competitiveness and equality. We, at Shrachi Group, are committed to leveraging our infrastructure to empower athletes and contribute towards their development.”

From providing essential gears to jerseys, Shrachi Sports Venture’s pledge to create a level playing field for all athletes remains resolute. It reflects a deeply ingrained belief in the potential of every individual to excel, regardless of their abilities.

As the Indian contingent embarks on this journey to Kobe, they carry with them the hopes and aspirations of a nation rallying behind their pursuit of excellence on the world stage.

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