First in India, First in Computer Vision: Prisma AI Shines with ISO 42000:2023 Certification

India, 18th April 2024 – Prisma AI, renowned for its pioneering Visual AI solutions, proudly announces the receiving of the ISO certification 42000:2023, marking them as the inaugural company in India and globally. This certification underscores their unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation within the realm of artificial intelligence (AI).


The pursuit of this certification is propelled by its paramount significance within the AI sector. ISO 42000:2023 accreditation is an honor for AI enterprises, ensuring compliance with exacting quality standards and procedures. Governed by ISO 9000 and tailored explicitly for AI-related ventures, this certification undergoes rigorous external audits to uphold adherence to international standards. Prisma AI’s attainment of this certification is attributed to its steadfast adherence to standard operating procedures and meticulous product development methodologies. By embracing these methodologies, they ensure the delivery of top-tier AI solutions that harmonize with evolving client demands and industry benchmarks.

The certification bestows numerous advantages upon Prisma AI. Firstly, it validates their commitment to quality and distinction, instilling trust in clients and stakeholders alike. Furthermore, it streamlines the implementation of quality assurance measures, bolstering the reliability and efficacy of its products and services. Moreover, it garners global recognition, positioning Prisma AI as a frontrunner in the AI sector with well-established operational protocols in place.

Gryphos® and Veri5®, their flagship products, epitomizes Prisma AI’s dedication to AI innovation. Gryphos® Veri5® serves as their foundational computer vision platform, propelled by sophisticated AI-based machine learning algorithms crafted by Prisma AI. This platform enables the interpretation of human body language, signals, and behavior through machine learning and Deep Convolutional Neural Networks. Gryphos®’ Veri5®’s remarkable Deep Learning System facilitates decision-making on videos, images, objects, and faces, furnishing invaluable insights and predictive analytics through cognitive intelligence. By leveraging Gryphos® Veri5®, users can attain profound insights into faces, gestures, and behavioral patterns, to name a few empowering more efficient analytics and decision-making processes.

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