Huawei and Its Partners Won Intelligent Digital Transformation Awards at the Glotel Awards 2023

[London, United Kingdom, December 11, 2023] At the 11th annual Global Telecoms (Glotel) Awards, Huawei earned the Driving Digital Transformation Award with Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison (IOH) Indonesia, and the Telecoms Excellence Award with China Mobile. Hosted by — Informa’s telecom industry media, Glotel recognizes companies that make outstanding contributions to the evolution and transformation of the communications industry. These awards are a testament to Huawei’s and its partners’ innovation and business achievements in the digital transformation landscape.

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With the booming development of technologies such as 5.5G and AI large models, intelligent digital transformation has become a strategic focus for global carriers. With over 20 years of experience in the field, Huawei and its partners have consistently prioritized user experience, highly efficient operation, and value creation as the ultimate goals of transformation. Different carriers have made remarkable achievements in a variety of scenarios along distinct transformation paths, with IOH Indonesia and China Mobile being prime examples of best practices in intelligent digital transformation on a global scale.

Similarly, IOH partners with Huawei to pursue digital O&M transformation. Embracing a holistic transformation concept of people, platform, process, and criteria (3P1C), IOH collaborates with Huawei in intelligent digital “product portfolio” solutions in intelligent O&M, network optimization, and experience management, enhancing network stability and user experience. In addition, IOH has conducted operation maturity assessments, driving automation and closed-loop management in multiple service and technology scenarios, including convergent data-driven decision-making, process automation, and AI assistance. The trouble ticket quantity and complaint ticket quantity of the network operation center (NOC) have been reduced by 33% and 64%, respectively. Network traffic has increased by 8.4%, and app experience is greatly improved.

With the in-depth application and development of cloud computing technologies, DevOps based on cloud-native technologies is facing new challenges during intelligent digital transformation. China Mobile is promoting cloud-native evolution and DevOps transformation by building a DevSecOps platform. China Mobile Jiangsu and Huawei have carried out DevOps practices based on this platform at Huawei’s BSS project, and have built delivery capabilities including agile development, CICD pipeline, gray release, and AI-based intelligent O&M. The platform helped China Mobile Jiangsu implement comprehensive transformation in cloud-native architecture, digital delivery, and intelligent O&M, shortening the requirement delivery period and issue resolution period by 50% and 49% respectively and improving the self-healing rate of system process faults by 90%.

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