Kineis Announces Launch of Innovative IoT Constellation in APAC


Singapore, [07/06/2024] – Kinéis, a leading IoT satellite operator, is thrilled to announce the imminent launch of its satellite constellation, the very first in Europe dedicated to the Internet of Things. This launch represents a major leap forward in IoT technology and connectivity across the Asia-Pacific region. As a spin-off of the French Space Agency (CNES) and CLS (CNES commercial entity), Kinéis leverages 40 years of experience in data collection, and is fully supported by the French Government, having raised €100 million in funding.

Initially relying on the Argos constellation with 9 satellites providing global coverage, Kinéis was already operational before launching its own constellation of 25 nano-satellites. This advancement will offer more competitive technology, almost real-time, while maintaining its low power and low cost capabilities. The launches of this brand new constellation will be operated by Rocket Lab at their launch site in Mahia, New Zealand.
Kinéis has started establishing its presence in South-East Asia over several years, playing a pivotal role in enhancing the monitoring capabilities of various logistics sectors, including sea, air, and road freight, alongside agriculture.

Responding to growing market interest and demand for varied applications in the region, Kinéis opened its physical representative office in Singapore in August 2022. A year later, the decision was made to strengthen its presence by establishing its subsidiary Kinéis Asia Pte. Ltd. in August 2023.

In the meantime, Globalsat, a prominent manufacturing partner from Taiwan, has integrated Kinéis satellite technology protocol into a hybrid device offering NB-IoT/LTE-M and satellite connectivity. Numerous IoT integrators and partners in the region have collaborated to enhance functionalities and integrate with various platforms, resulting in a comprehensive and readily deployable solution. The device could scale across various sectors, including logistics and semi-wildlife monitoring.

Operating from Mongolia to New Zealand, Kinéis continues to tackle new challenges and respond to market demands. Key markets include plantation management, rail freight monitoring, and fire detection, with tailored solutions designed to meet specific customer needs:

• Singapore: Facilitating collaboration with Fortune 500 company headquarters and telecommunications firms to oversee their regional operations.
• Australia: Providing advanced fire monitoring systems, extensive agricultural support, and comprehensive freight operations across the country with full licensing capacity.
• New Zealand: Supporting livestock economics while facilitating launches with Rocket Lab, with full licensing capacity.
• Indonesia: Supervising crop plantations and ensuring worker safety, with full licensing capacity.
• Malaysia and Thailand: Enhancing hydro monitoring capabilities.
• Vietnam: Managing disaster response for forest fire detection, flood monitoring, and other natural disasters.
• Taiwan: Enhancing sea freight operations, in collaboration with Globalsat.
• Hong Kong: Optimizing sea freight logistics.

Kinéis remains committed to delivering unique IoT connectivity and support, driving innovation and efficiency across diverse sectors in the APAC region. Stakeholders are invited to follow Kinéis as it continues its pioneering journey in redefining IoT solutions.

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