Qandle launches beta version of EasyBoard, AI onboarding chatbot

Qandle launches beta version of EasyBoard, AI onboarding chatbot

New Delhi, 28 October 2021: Qandle –an HRMS startup has launched the beta version of EasyBoard, an AI enabled onboarding chatbot, to make new hire onboarding a seamless experience for the candidates and corporations, both.

The brand has been launching technologically advanced HR tech solutions to support organizations in the new normal. In the last one year itself, the brand has launched various solutions to address different facets of the HR department in organizations across all sectors, including – Remote Work Toolkit, Touchless Attendance, Qanbot (HR tasks chatbot), PeoplePro (Free community for HR professionals), etc.

The new solution EasyBoard shall enable faster onboarding of employees and will include auto verification of employees’ bank accounts and ID proofs and address proofs like PAN card, Aadhar card etc. which new hires will be able to upload in a click. The backend AI allows the solution to read all the documents and fill in details automatically, and even verify them. It doesn’t even require the new hires to download an app, and all of these can be achieved simply through a web browser which can work on a desktop as well as on any smartphone.

“One can imagine that when a fast growing organization is hiring people in bulk, it becomes extremely difficult to manage all the data and documents, and verify each. In addition, it results in a lot of time wastage for the new hires. Now, it is even more challenging when many organizations have gone remote. We built this when some of our clients reached out to us and explained the problems they were facing with respect to providing an awesome experience to their new hires, while ensuring all the onboarding compliances are met. We aim to impact over 500 clients with the new offering in the next few months,” said Mr. Himanshu Aggarwal, Co-founder and CTO, Qandle.

Due to the new work-from-home culture, it has become even more challenging to verify and onboard new hires. Easyboard by Qandle takes care of all the manual admin work of onboarding and guides the hires through the entire process, verification, management etc. in the form of an interactive chatbot. The solution will not just save time, but also take everything online, cutting on carbon footprints, and is available in multiple languages.

Currently, the beta version is out which is available to 5 Qandle customers, while the final version is expected to be available within the next three weeks.

About Qandle

Qandle, an All-In-One HR tech Platform, launched in 2018, is a young start-up focused on redesigning the HR software from the employees’ perspective. Founded by Chayan Mukhopadhyay (CO-Founder and CEO) and Himanshu Aggarwal (CO-Founder and CTO), Qandle distinguishes itself as a comprehensive solution that covers the entire gamut of HR activities – from hire to retire. Qandle is a modular and extremely configurable solution for HRs looking to deliver the next-generation experience to their employees. Qandle serves over 550 clients spread across 30+ countries.

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