Videocites and LAFC Set New Standard For Integrating Tech To Drive Sponsorship and Marketing Growth

New York, New York, June 10, 2024 – Videocites, leaders in next-generation AI-based social media measurement, has announced a renewed and expanded relationship with the Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC).

Working with Videocites, LAFC saw over 1 billion net new impressions tracked in 2023 thanks to Videocites’ ability to capture data from user generated content (UGC) and additional social platforms. LAFC was able to utilize that data to inform actionable recommendations in optimizing the brand’s content and channel mix to support their sponsorship and marketing businesses.

Prior to Videocites, brands like LAFC had only been able to measure and extract data from the branded content distributed through their owned or select partner channels. Using Videocites capabilities, LAFC is now able to also track fan-created, user-generated content that was previously unutilized. Videocites provides LAFC with a social media measurement solution that completely, accurately, and transparently reports the reach of sponsors, helping LAFC and their sponsors understand the true media value of location-based assets and optimize their channel and content mix to drive sponsorship and audience growth.

Providing access to data that no other vendor can provide, Videocites has fundamentally changed the game for LAFC’s sponsorship and marketing teams.

In tracking an entire season’s worth of LAFC’s social performance in 2023, Videocites findings were able to powerfully shape, inform, and drive growth across LAFC’s sponsorship and audience business. By measuring across all platforms and all types of content and channels – from owned to affiliate partners to user generated content – LAFC was able to report a +10% average lift in brand impressions for top sponsors.



Videocites data helped uncover a transformational insight that LAFC’s TikTok account was performing exceptionally well in driving new audience and engagement growth, despite little resourcing and focused effort in growing this brand’s presence on this platform. Due to these findings, LAFC shifted focus and prioritization to TikTok, which generated results that have set the bar across the entirety of Major League Soccer (MLS). LAFC’s TikTok viewership increased from 20% of all views at the beginning of the season to 46% at the end of 2023, allowing LAFC to be among the MLS TikTok leaders in total followers, new followers, engagement, and total impressions.

“Our first year working with Videocites has provided us with exceptional data and new opportunities,” LAFC Executive Vice President, Revenue & Strategy Ryan Bishara said. “We are looking forward to continuing our relationship to help grow our brand and reach across all channels.”

“LAFC’s focus on technology and innovation translates into a stronger ability to manage its online presence and remove blindspots from its marketing and partnership efforts,” said Eyal Arad, Co-Founder & CEO of Videocites. “As MLS continues to strengthen its global recognition, we are thrilled to support LAFC in its efforts to bring existing fans into the fold and excite new fans around this energetic growth.”

In the coming year, LAFC and Videocites will expand the number of partners being tracked, measure upcoming marketing campaigns to optimize performance, and tap into MediaTrack’s ability to find new super-fans and influencers to partner with to drive audience and revenue growth – all of which aims to continuously strengthen LAFC’s brand while inviting new and existing periphery fans to become more engaged.

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