uKnowva Honoured with the Best Practices “Entrepreneurial Company of the Year” Award in the AI in Talent Technologies Industry by Frost & Sullivan

uKnowva Honoured with the Best Practices “Entrepreneurial Company of the Year” Award in the AI in Talent Technologies Industry by Frost & Sullivan

Mumbai, September 21, 2021 – uKnowva, a company that specialises in AI-based emerging technologies to create easy-to-use and intuitive solutions for human resource management, recently received the “Entrepreneurial Company of the Year” award from Frost & Sullivan. The award recognises uKnowva’s efforts in keeping growth and innovation at the forefront of their vision while effectively addressing new opportunities and challenges for businesses.

A Mumbai-based entrepreneurial company, uKnowva has developed a comprehensive cloud-based HRMS that allows companies to automate their manual HR tasks. Incorporating all the essential features of human resource management, uKnowva’s HRMS platform serves as a 360-degree console that contains core features like contactless attendance, employee directory, payroll automation, time management and performance management system. The system can easily integrate with the existing HR systems of a client, identify necessary data and personalise outputs and tasks. The system also provides useful insights into employee performances through a “happiness index”, sources and recruits the right talent and assists with easy management of HR functions like leave applications and payslips through AI-based chatbot functionality.

Sharing his views on receiving this prestigious award, Vicky Jain, Founder of uKnowva said “We are extremely proud and happy to receive this award from Frost & Sullivan. Our vision has always been to enhance the HR experience through effective utilisation of upcoming technologies in AI, RPA, cloud and analytics. At uKnowva, we always aspire to be the best at everything that we do and the same goes for our HRMS platform. Our commitment to excellence has motivated us to create an HR software platform that caters to client’s overall HR needs and empowers teams by providing them complete visibility of their work environment.”

“Moving beyond the idea of traditional payroll software, we have developed a one-stop HR solution with easily extensible features that can also be modified based on client requirements. The system comes with useful add-ons like happiness meter, virtual biometric attendance system, timesheet utilization, vendor/manpower tracking system, leave management system, project management application, helpdesk and meeting room booking system. With these add-ons, clients can build their capabilities apart from the core HR solution” he added.

Previously, there were two HR software models primarily available in the market – an on-premise model and a SaaS-based OPEX model. While SaaS-based OPEX models tend to be cost-effective but neither can users make any customisations nor can they own the system or data. On the other hand, in an on-premise model, users can make customisations and own data but remain heavily dependent on the service provider. uKnowva quickly noticed the flaw and came up with an on-premise OPEX model that offers users the liberty to own the data as well as affordably make customizations with pay-per-user-per-month subscriptions.

Speaking about uKnowva’s valuable achievement, Ruman Ahmed, Best Practices Research Analyst, Frost & Sullivan said “uKnowva is playing a crucial role in offering cutting-edge HR technology to management, HR teams and employees alike. uKnowva offers end-to-end AI-based human resource management solutions that assist HR managers to efficiently handle core HR functions and processes with ease and efficiency. Embedded with key features like contactless attendance, employee directory, payroll automation, time management and performance management system, the system combines all of these into a 360-degree console, providing a holistic human resource solution to enhance the user experience. With easy accessibility and complete transparency, the HRMS solution of uKnowva not only empowers HR teams but also bring transparency into the work culture of an organisation.”

Brief profile of uKnowva:

uKnowva, a flagship product of Convergence Services, is an easy to use, cost-effective, intelligent and most Engaging HR automation software that has been built keeping the mobility and work from home set up in mind. It provides a 360-degree solution for HR automation, people management and corporate collaboration. Developed in 2012, the bootstrapping story of Convergence has further drove the team to create uKnowva.

At a time, when data security is the top priority of any company, it aims to provide a secure, private, network for the organization which allows employees to collaborate, communicate and innovate. uKnowva supports creating a culture of connectedness and a high employee engagement centric work environment.

It serves to create an energized work ecosystem that brings out the intrinsic creative potential of employees and make them highly productive.

uKnowva is targeted towards enterprise customers with the options of adding custom made applications. This way it helps companies to integrate all their important application on a single platform and get more benefit from the product. In addition to that, uKnowva is built on robust technology, offers superior security features and quick after-sales service

Key Differentiators

  • Most of the software just help a company do Talent Management and Talent Acquisition, but uKnowva helps in doing Talent management, Talent Acquisition, Talent development and also Talent Engagement.
  • Most SaaS software are rigid and are not flexible, uKnowva is flexible enough and you can also build on top of it by creating plugins/extensions like the ones listed on
  • It comes bundled with an Intranet which is a key feature for better Employee Engagement

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