AlUla on Wheels II Set to Debut in January with a New Year-Round Venue at the Heart of AlUla, Saudi Arabia


February 2, 2024: AlUla on Wheels II, will launch in January with a new year-round residency in the heart of AlUla, Saudi Arabia. The incredible roller-skating event that was initially designed as a pop-up during last year’s AlUla Wellness Festival, will now have a home in the creative heart of AlUla, the AlJadidah Arts District. The first program of the activation will run from 25th January until 27th April 2024, with further programs to be announced later on

AlUla on Wheels II, entitled AlJadidah Time Machine, is a monumental re-invention of the open-air roller rink skating experience AlUla on Wheels – an unprecedented success last year. The event has been reimagined, assuring its place as a new cultural landmark for the country featuring a harmonious blend of nostalgia, cultural resonance, and forward-thinking vision.

AlUla is a top travel destination in Saudi Arabia, a hub of culture and history, and firmly positioned as the location for distinctive events and unique experiences. AlJadidah Time Machine will maximize a collision of subcultures and solidify a combination of Eastern sensibilities and Western practices. By appealing to, and bringing together the entire community, it fosters a sense of all-encompassing engagement. Roller skating crosses over into all age groups with its sense of movement, freedom, wonder and music.

The all-new design and concept will let patrons experience three epochs of time through skate and music featuring hip hop, reggaeton and dance. From the 70’s, the golden era of skate, (when the AlJadidah district was brand new), to the 90’s, the nostalgic era that most people resonate with, to the future – envisioning what 2030 and beyond in Saudi might look like and feel like through dance.

Rami AlMoallim, Vice President of Destination Management and Marketing at the Royal Commission for AlUla, expressed, “Following the overwhelming success of the first edition of AlUla on Wheels last year, bringing the event back this year was critical to satisfy demand from our local community and those from further afield. At AlUla, we take great pride in curating events and experiences that can’t be had anywhere else, bringing people together and giving them the platform to create cherished memories. With the belief that skating is an activity for everyone to enjoy, I invite everyone, from seasoned pros and keen amateurs to absolute beginners to join us for an unforgettable experience.”

“The evolution of AlUla On Wheels proves what a remarkable and inventive culture that is developing in Saudi. What we’ve planned this year stretches the boundaries of music and art and proves that creativity flows seamlessly around the world,” says Beatz.

The bespoke roller-skating environment has been curated by international tastemakers and will be edgier than ever this year. The internationally renowned, multi-faceted design firm KeyConcept, headquartered in Dubai and Riyadh, created a comprehensive, immersive experience that encompasses skating, dancing, socializing and eating and aims to redefine upscale recreation with its creative and innovative approach.

The venue will also include iconic arcade games such as Pac-Man and pinball, an immersive bubble tunnel walking visitors through the history of AlJadidah, the golden era of skate and the year 2030 and beyond.

“In working with the talented team at KeyConcept, Swizz and I wanted to particularly emphasize community, culture and movement through time for this second instalment of AlUla on Wheels. We wanted a truly curated destination featuring mesmerizing lights, colors and design. The journey will begin by going through a tunnel which illustrates the three different eras, taking everyone from the past to the future of Saudi Arabia,” says Noor Taher, Co-Founder of Good Intentions.

Skating sessions last 45 minutes and tickets can be booked online for SAR 40. Skates are available on-site or visitors can bring their own.

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