SIBUR developing more than 70 new polymer grades to meet customer needs

MOSCOW, RUSSIA – 2 February 2024 – SIBUR, Russia’s largest producer of polymers and rubbers, is developing more than 70 new product grades to meet the diverse needs of customers across various industries.

This development includes polymers for packaging solutions, radiation sterilisation, and other medical applications. Additionally, SIBUR intends to manufacture special reagents and drilling fluids for the oil and gas industry.

Furthermore, SIBUR aims to introduce up to several dozen new plastic grades using recycled materials in 2024. The сompany’s Polief plant, located in the Bashkortostan region, is already producing PET granules with up to 30% recycled plastic content, which are used to manufacture plastic bottles for water.

In the past year, SIBUR has implemented 330 programmes in collaboration with its customers to produce the polymer grades they require. This effort has helped replace more than 170,000 tons of products that were previously imported by SIBUR’s Russian customers. These products include polymers and rubbers for the transportation industry, as well as polymer solutions for construction, which offer superior energy efficiency and durability compared with other materials.

SIBUR is also expanding its in-house production of speciality chemicals, which were previously imported. Examples of such chemicals include N-butyllithium, used in the production of specific synthetic rubbers, and zirconium tetraisobutyrate, which is essential for manufacturing stretch films.

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