Ashiana Housing’s Senior Living Conclave 2024 Predicts Surge in Investment for India’s Senior Housing Sector

Ashiana Housing's Senior Living Conclave 2024 Predicts Surge in Investment for India's Senior Housing SectorNew Delhi, 7th May, 2024: Ashiana Housing Ltd., a leading real estate developer specializing in senior living projects, successfully concluded the Senior Living Conclave 2024 at The Grand Vasant Kunj, Delhi. The event witnessed an overwhelming response, underscoring the burgeoning interest in revolutionizing retirement living in India.

The Conclave, honoured by the esteemed presence of Mr. Ankur Gupta, Co founder of ASLI  (Association of Senior Living in India) and Joint Managing Director of Ashiana Housing Ltd provided a platform for insightful discussions on the future landscape of Senior Living. Considering the demand for senior housing in the area, Given the demand for senior housing in the region, Mr. Gupta estimated that multiple developers could collectively invest Rs 5,000 – 7,000 crores in the next three years, highlighting the sector’s potential and the collaborative endeavor to address this demand. Also, noteworthy was the launch of phase-2 of Ashiana Advik (Bhiwadi), furthering the company’s commitment to innovative senior living solutions.

Diverse stakeholders, including seniors, families, and industry experts, engaged in thought-provoking dialogues on various dimensions of Senior Living. The event addressed the adaptation of senior living communities amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighting the transformative potential of such initiatives in enhancing retirees’ quality of life.

Mr. Ankur Gupta emphasizedAshiana’s dedication to creating vibrant, inclusive communities, announcing an anticipated investment of 700 to 1,000 crores in upcoming projects. Reflecting on the event’s success, he stated, “The Senior Living Conclave 2024’s success shows our commitment to improving retirement living in India. With an investment of 700 to 1,000 crores, we are creating communities where seniors thrive independently. This marks a significant change in how we support our elders, ensuring they enjoy fulfilling lives in their later years.”

The Conclave also featured insights from the discussion, shedding light on the extensive facilities offered by Ashiana’s upcoming project in Bhiwadi. With amenities including the largest club in Bhiwadi spanning 29,000 square feet, sports facilities such as pickleball, tennis courts, and yoga spaces, the project aims to redefine senior living experiences.

Mr. Gupta further elaborated on the project’s model, emphasizing the seamless integration of services within the residential complex, from healthcare to security, aimed at alleviating residents’ concerns and enhancing their overall well-being.

With a focus on addressing the healthcare needs of seniors, the project incorporates comprehensive medical services, including regular health camps and tie-ups with hospitals, ensuring residents’ health and safety are prioritized at all times.

The event drew 600 attendees, reflecting the sector’s rising popularity. This demonstrates a growing acknowledgment of the value senior living communities offer, indicating an upward trend for the future of retirement living in India.

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