Bandhan Life: Empowering Futures with a Fresh Vision and Identity

Bandhan Life: Empowering Futures with a Fresh Vision and Identity 24th April 2024Bandhan Life, formerly known as Aegon Life Insurance, announced its dynamic new identity along with a fresh promise of ensuring ‘Bharat Ki Udaan, Bandhan Se’. Positioned for rapid growth, the company is committed to empowering individuals and families to fulfil their financial aspirations and thrive in every facet of life with confidence.

The insurer will add 1,000 new members to its team in its immediate growth phase as it aims to fortify its presence and offer its products and services to its expanding customer-base across the country.

Bandhan Life aims to revolutionize the industry as the synergy between the insurer’s technological prowess and Bandhan Group’s extensive reach aims to deliver unparalleled insurance solutions to a wider audience, enhancing accessibility and customer experience.​

Sharing his enthusiasm about the transition, Satishwar B., MD and CEO of Bandhan Life, said, “This transition sets the stage for an amazing new chapter for us as we become a part of the renowned Bandhan Group. With Bandhan Life, we are bolstering our collaborative strengths of digital innovation and robust distribution to enhance the value for all our stakeholders. Looking ahead, our vision for the next five years is set: transforming Bandhan Life into a leading multi-channel insurance company. We will be expanding our presence across all relevant product categories, thereby enhancing the services we provide.”

With India witnessing economic confidence as it emerged as the fifth largest economy and the insurance sector poised for growth under IRDAI’s vision for ‘Insurance for all by 2047’, Bandhan Life is committed to capitalizing on this momentum to expand its reach and empower individuals nationwide.

Speaking on the new brand identity, Satishwar said, “Our tag line ‘Bharat Ki Udaan, Bandhan Se’ and our new logo of a growing ‘bud’ represent our dedication to nurturing and empowering the dreams and aspirations of India. We believe that the strength of a bond can propel one to greater heights— As we fortify the bonds of trust with our customers, our collective ambitions soar. Bandhan Life will enable all stakeholders to soar higher, because we believe that every dream fortified by Bandhan is a flight towards a brighter tomorrow.”

The transition to Bandhan Life represents more than a change in branding; it signifies a strategic shift towards becoming a comprehensive insurer that combines the best of digital innovation with the strength of vast distribution channels. The updated product names, such as Bandhan Life iTerm Prime, reflect this new direction, inviting customers to explore the company’s enhanced offerings. This strategic expansion underscores Bandhan Life’s position as a forward-thinking insurer, dedicated to providing secure, innovative, and customer-centric insurance solutions.​

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