MasterChow taps renowned Chef Ranveer Brar as its Brand Ambassador to champion Asli Chinese

MasterChow taps renowned Chef Ranveer Brar as its Brand Ambassador to champion Asli ChineseMumbai, 24th April  2024: MasterChow, the homegrown Indian brand specializing in ready-to-cook Asian staples, proudly announces its partnership with celebrity chef Ranveer Brar as its brand ambassador. This strategic collaboration aims to position MasterChow as the go-to destination for “Asli Chinese” cuisine, emphasizing credibility, trust, and relatability.

MasterChow’s decision to get Ranveer Brar onboard stems from a shared commitment to authenticity and quality. With the tagline “Asli Chinese,” this partnership resonates with the chef’s culinary expertise and passion for genuine flavors. By aligning with Brar’s Culinary philosophy, MasterChow aims to reinforce its position as a trusted provider of authentic Chinese cuisine in the market. The endearing Ranveer Brar is also a perfect embodiment of MasterChow’s spirit that is committed to raising the flavor bar for its ever-expanding and loyal customer base with its authentic and delectable Chinese-styled offerings.

Chef Brar’s influence and reputation as a leading culinary figure are poised to enhance MasterChow’s brand presence significantly. By leveraging his credibility and expertise, MasterChow aims to differentiate itself in the competitive packaged food market, particularly in the Asian cuisine sector. Through this partnership, the brand seeks to establish a deeper connection with consumers who value authenticity and quality in their culinary experiences.

Upon partnering with MasterChow, Chef Ranveer Brar expressed, “As a chef, I believe in the importance of using genuine flavors and ingredients to create memorable culinary experiences. I am thrilled to join hands with MasterChow and champion authentic Asian cuisine through their amazing range of products. With MasterChow, I look forward to bringing ‘ASLI Chinese’ flavors to households across India.”

The Founder of MasterChow, Mr Vidur Kataria, also stated, “Ranveer Brar epitomizes everything we stand for – authenticity, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of culinary excellence. With his unparalleled expertise and passion for good food, he is a stark reflection of MasterChow’s brand ethos, and together, we’re ready to take on the industry. We’re not just offering a product, we’re offering an experience – one that promises unparalleled taste and quality with every bite. With Ranveer by our side, we’re all set to revolutionize the way people experience Chinese food at home.”

The partnership between MasterChow and Ranveer Brar is a long-term endeavor focused on spreading awareness and establishing MasterChow as the brand for ASLI Chinese cuisine. Over the next 6-8 months, the campaign will prioritize building credibility, trust, and relatability among consumers, with the ultimate goal of creating a legacy brand that endures for generations to come.

Studio Fry has been instrumental in shaping and executing the creative and production aspects of the campaign, ensuring a cohesive and impactful brand message across all channels.

The campaign will kickstart digitally, primarily through social media platforms, with potential expansion into other channels such as OTT platforms later in the year. The company has also curated a fun, quirky and engaging spree of pre-launch content for ‘MasterChow Loyalists’ on Instagram. The content aims to multiply the hype surrounding this much-anticipated coming together of  the Chef (Ranveer Brar) and the Chef’s favorite (MasterChow).

MasterChow’s premium range of Chinese delicacies are available. on the brand’s official website.

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