Bringing Warmth and Hope: Biz2X’s Earnest Clothing Drive with NGO Goonj

Noida, India: In a heartwarming display of corporate social responsibility, the team at Biz2X – a leading digital lending platform – recently organized a clothing drive with the renowned NGO Goonj to support underprivileged communities in Noida, North India.

Goonj is known for its efforts to address the basic needs of the underprivileged by collecting and distributing essential items such as clothing, shoes and other necessities. The initiative by the Biz2X team aimed to make a tangible difference in the lives of those in need. Therefore, the Biz2X team were eager to partner with Goonj for this purpose.

Spearheading this initiative was Mr Ramit Arora, Co-founder of Biz2X, who was accompanied by his 4-year-old son, Riaan. The family’s involvement in the drive exemplified Biz2X’s commitment towards making a positive impact on needy communities.

Despite his tender age, Riaan emerged as the driving force behind the initiative as he has already developed a keen understanding of the disparities in society. As a result, he has a strong desire to help less fortunate people. The young boy actively participated in the clothing collection and sorting process, meticulously folding each garment with utmost care.

Before this drive, the Biz2X team had collected donations from their employees, who eagerly contributed comparatively less-used garments. The employees’ willingness to part with personal belongings showcased their commitment to the cause and the desire to make a positive impact.

Accompanied by Ramit and Riaan, the Biz2X team visited Goonj’s Noida Dropping Centre to deliver the collected donations. The volunteers at Goonj were amazed by Riaan’s dedication and his ability to connect with underprivileged children who received these garments.

Biz2X’s initiative with Goonj is a testament to the Company’s belief that businesses have a responsibility to go beyond just financial growth by contributing to the well-being of the communities they serve. By involving employees and their families, Biz2X has set an inspiring example of how corporate social responsibility can be truly transformative.

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