Leading the Charge: Scindia School Students Drive Innovation with Launch of Student-Founded Ventures

Leading the Charge: Scindia School Students Drive Innovation with Launch of Student-Founded VenturesGwalior, 23rd April, 2024: Today at Scindia School, Durg, Gwalior, three startups started by students were launched in the school auditorium under the “Scindia School Young CEO Program” under the aegis of “White Canvas India”, an organization that provides guidance to young business students.

“Dream big and achieve big”, this is what our Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi said to the students of Scindia School on October 21, 2023. The Prime Minister said with confidence that in the next 25 years the young generation will make India a developed nation, Developed India. Following his visit, the Young CEO Program was chosen to achieve Scindia’s vision. “White Canvas India Young CEO Program Future Ready & Entrepreneurial Skills Camp” was organized from 18-21 December 2023.

After the camp, in just 100 working days, the actual result and impact has now been completed. Out of which three startups started by students were launched today. Which are as follows –

  1. E-Shiksha Sankalp, India’s first completely skill-based digital literacy social campaign. It includes both making people aware of digital literacy and making them literate by going to every village.
  2. Popped & Poppin, India’s first teen-ledsuperfood brand – Makhana in exciting flavours.
  3. Bamboo toothbrushes– Bam Brush, a range of sustainable products that meet the Sustainable Development Goals recognized by the United Nations. This helps reduce plastic consumption in the region to some extent.

The school teaches student entrepreneur to conduct needs analysis, write a professional business plan, negotiate with vendors, design and brand a product, market the product, achieve minimum order quantity (MOQ), and given the right to develop a high social understanding.

Scindia School’s young entrepreneurial students like Khush Todi, Tanush Somani, Artham Jalan, Harshvardhan Wadher, Satyam Kumar Soni, Ved Gupta, Rudraksh Tapadia, Fravash Vikamse, Nibir Jyoti Nath, and Raghav Sharma have made it a success.

The White Canvas India Young CEO Program is India’s first and largest future-proofing, entrepreneurial skills program for teenagers, in line with the vision of a developed India in compliance with the National Education Policy, by the key founders of the Indian Institute of Management, Young Icon, a Shark Tank-like conglomerate, got here by consultants following an approach based on guidelines from the World Economic Forum, Harvard Business Reports and Forbes Entrepreneurship.

Chairman and founder of White Canvas India, Mr. Shamresh Shah praised the students and said that creating such a startup in 100 days is commendable. He further said that these students are trying to make even the coarse grains available to the common people in an interesting manner.

In the welcome speech, Principal of Scindia School, Mr. Ajay Singh said that “To protect nature, we also have to keep in mind the balance of nature. He also urged the students to consider alternatives to plastic bottles to eliminate them from use.

On this occasion, Principal of Scindia School Mr. Ajay Singh, Vice Principal Ms. Smita Chaturvedi, Bursar Colonel (Retd) D.K. Farashwal on behalf of the school, in-charge of this program, Mr. Parvinder Singh Ghai, Mr. Ashok Shivraman and Ms. Pratiksha Chhetri, all the teachers and students of the school were present.

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