Commentary on National Technology Day: NLB Services

The pandemic-induced upheaval dramatically transformed every sector. While the waves of COVID-19 swept through societies, they altered traditional structures, making digital a source of sustenance amid hard times. Disrupted by technological changes, almost all sectors today have witnessed transformations in one form or another. Take healthcare, for example, from traditional clinics to telehealth setups, it is one of the sectors that has been influenced by the cutting-edge technology trends. Commerce has set another example, with e-commerce sites taking over the market.

Right from enabling retailers to transition their storefronts to helping them adopt automated tech tools for back-end operations, technology has completely evolved the commerce industry. But let’s just say that it’s not a one-sided move. Consumers too have shown great interest in technology when it comes to online shopping, which has coaxed this growth even further. Other industries that have embraced technological advancement with both arms include travel & hospitality, education, manufacturing, agriculture, etc.

Moreover, the talent landscape also has experienced a massive transformation. With AI taking the front seat in the talent industry, it’s become easier to screen, access, and onboard a candidate than it was before. Not to mention, ChatGPT can be leveraged to perform a plethora of tasks in recruitment, including crafting a job description, screening a candidate, sending interview feedback, and more.

Talking about technological advancement and its impact on the sectors in the next few years, it looks like the sectors mentioned below will continue to witness tremendous technological changes.

Technology is not just a crucial driver of innovation, it’s also a key facilitator of sustainability. In fact, companies are rapidly investing in technology to offer clean and sustainable services to their customers. For instance, organizations are investing in technologies such as cloud computing to reduce their carbon footprint. To do the same, companies are switching to cloud-service providers who prioritize sustainability in their services.

Such measures have been impacting the talent market even more from the hiring standpoint. Roles that are gaining momentum in the wake of environmental sustainability are mentioned below.

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