Dare Taylor Launches Brand New, First-Ever Podcast, Delulu Canoe

February 27th, Los Angeles, CA – Dare Taylor announced the official launch of her latest project, “Delulu Canoe,” on Monday, February 19th. Breaking away from the conventional podcast format, “Delulu Canoe” promises listeners a refreshing and authentic experience with their favorite stars, influencers, entrepreneurs, and entertainers.

Delulu Canoe

In a media landscape saturated with repetitive interview questions, “Delulu Canoe” stands out by offering a unique platform for guests to explore and share their ‘delulu’ moments. Dare believes “delulu” to be a universal feeling that resonates with everyone and uses these episodes to delve into the genuine and relatable aspects of guests’ lives, fostering an environment where authenticity takes center stage.

Dare Taylor, the creative force behind “Delulu Canoe,” is passionate about breaking down the barriers of perfection and creating a podcast that celebrates authenticity. She believes in offering listeners an intimate glimpse into the lives of their favorite personalities, highlighting the ‘delulu’ moments that make us all human.

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