Day-2 :PragatiE Vichaar Literature Festival Virtual festival

New Delhi 11 January 2023: Discussing nationalism, patriotism, mental health, women empowerment, copyright, and IP, PragatiEVichaar Literature Festival touched some of the key ideas virtually on 10thJanuary 2023‘Taking Humanity Forward’ as its theme, the event was honoured by acclaimed speakers. The necessity for self-limitation for freedom, finding hidden answers, it’s all within you, an ode to fearless women, freedom to publish, murder or romance were the sessions that were conducted.

On the second day of the PVLF 2023, Speakers discussed, “In her PVLF 2023 Session, Author Ma Anand Sheela expressed that every woman has power and potential within themselves. In her opinion, women need to recognize their true potential and the power that resides within themselves. Moreover, she shared her perspective on women being always expected to endure pain and compromises.”

“Author Rajesh Talwar, during his session at the PVLF 2023, discussed that his book ‘A Boy Who Wrote the Constitution’ mainly focuses on the childhood days of Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar. He delineated that despite his atrocious background, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar managed to go further in his studies and later became the chief architect of the Indian Constitution. He also pointed out that during India’s struggle for freedom, the contributions of Dr. Subhash Chandra Bose remained in the shadows for a long time.”

“During his session at the PVLF 2023, Author Avinash Agarwal highlighted the objective of composing his book- ‘Stop Being A Maggu’. According to him, students require proper guidance, direction, and a planned approach to crack any exam or succeed. He exemplified that only by transforming ourselves from within and taking charge of our life we can achieve and move ahead in life.”

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The event celebrates the literary ecosystem that aspires to instil love of writing, inner thinking of authors, and discussing focal topics from around the world. The event is conceived by Frontlist, hosted by PragatiE and Nielsen BookScan data as its knowledge partner. The event is supported by IPA (International Publishers Association) and FIP (Federation of Indian Publishers).

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