EGOSS, India’s leading footwear brand, now exporting to Japan, Middle East and South Asia

EGOSS, India's leading footwear brand, now exporting to Japan, Middle East and South AsiaIndia, 06 June 2024: EGOSS, a true Indian shoe brand, has been leading the domestic footwear industry for more than two decades and is now establishing themselves abroad with active exports to JapanMiddleEast and South Asia. The brand’s presence spans over 2000 leading retail outlets across India including leading multi brand outlets like Metro Shoes, Mochi, Inc.5, Centro and Regal Shoes, etc. The brand has further extended its reach and accessibility through its online stores and all leading marketplaces which features its diverse collection of over 500 unique products.

The brand, based in the city of Agra which is a government recognised GI tagged city for leather footwear, has been at the forefront of promoting the traditional art of handcrafted shoemaking ever since its inception and continues to champion the dying skill. The founding pillars of the brand stand for providing unparalleled comfort, timeless designs, and constant innovation, while keeping the needs and desires of the end customer at the core of it.

Every pair manufactured is unique owing to it being handmade and has a signature touch of its craftsman. The meticulous work is carried out by a strong team of highly skilled artisans and local craftsmens, who have honed their shoemaking traditions over generations to help us deliver exceptional levels of quality work and comfort. The brand is now a one stop shop for everything footwear – from boardrooms to dancefloors, EGOSS has you covered. This includes the classic footwear categories such as Formals, Casuals, and Loafers to the latest in Sneakers, Ethnic and Daily Wear, available in a variety of colours, fittings and finishes.

Being a customer centric brand, they also cater to niche market segments such as their collections for people with big feet (plus size), broad feet, diabetics, sensitive feet, arch support, etc. ensuring inclusivity and customer satisfaction. EGOSS along with its sister brands – LAFATTIO (Luxury Spanish Collection) and Lady Boss by EGOSS (Women’s footwear), cover and lead the entire footwear ecosystem in India,

Founder of EGOSS, Mr. Ravindra Bhatia, a stalwart of the footwear industry, is highly recognised for his impeccable standards of quality and innovation and has successfully showcased his brands for the last 30+ years. He began his journey in the world of shoes in 1992 when he started a small bootstrapped venture of manufacturing shoes in Agra, India.

Mr. Ravindra Bhatia says, “The entire shoe making process from designing to stitching to finishing, everything is meticulously done by hand to provide a unique luxury experience! We want our customers to experience the fascination of this humble hand craft with our elegant, unique and comfortable shoes globally now. ”

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