Magic Bus India Foundation and Nestlé India Lead the Charge for a Greener Tomorrow on World Environment Day

Magic Bus India Foundation and Nestlé India Lead the Charge for a Greener Tomorrow on World Environment DayMumbai, 6 June 2024: This World Environment Day, Magic Bus India Foundation and Nestlé India under the Nestlé Healthy Kids Programme showcased their collaborative work towards environmental sustainability. Their efforts culminated in impactful activities such as educational talks, waste management exhibitions, cleanliness drives, and awareness campaigns, all aimed at fostering a clean and green environment.

As part of their commitment to environmental stewardship, Magic Bus India Foundation and Nestlé India initiated a number of activities across India, reaching a total of 12,300 participants, both adolescents and parents. These activities were spread across 20 states/ Union territories, 4 regions (Nationwide), and 33 towns and cities to maximize their impact on communities and schools:

  • Discussions on responsible use of natural resources: Engaging talks by local experts in schools and communities emphasized the importance of sustainable land, water, and soil usage. These interactive sessions aimed to educate and inspire responsible environmental conservation.
  • Exhibition on zero waste future: Adolescents showcased their creativity by making art from waste, highlighting the cycle of use, reuse, and recycle. This exhibition served as a platform to educate people on efficient waste management and innovation for a zero-waste future.
  • Cleanliness drive for a green environment: Schools and communities united for cleanliness drives in school premises and community spaces, focusing on waste segregation, recycling, composting and the installation of community dustbins. This initiative fostered a collective responsibility towards maintaining clean and green surroundings.
  • Awareness campaign against environmental pollution: A series of community awareness sessions, rallies, and educational initiatives raised awareness about the adverse effects of pollution. The campaign encouraged proactive community involvement in combating pollution for a healthier planet.
  • Poster making, drawing, and quiz competition on water conservation: Through artistic expression and quizzes, adolescents were engaged in thought-provoking activities about water conservation and sustainability. This initiative aimed to ignite a passion for preserving our most precious resource, water, for life.

Jayant Rastogi, Global CEO, Magic Bus India Foundation, commented, “Our longstanding partnership with Nestlé India through the Nestlé Healthy Kids Programme has positively impacted adolescents with life skills, which imparts knowledge on nutrition, fitness, disease prevention, and environmental sustainability. By fostering community connections and stakeholder engagement at the grassroots level, we are sharing a commitment to a sustainable future. Together, we facilitate change by creating a more informed community that progresses towards healthier practices.”

Sanjay Khajuria, Director, Corporate Affairs and Sustainability, Nestlé India, added, “We take pride in our partnership with Magic Bus. Together we have been able to transform our shared values into real action, making our contributions towards a healthier planet through education and community involvement.”

These diverse initiatives are all aimed at equipping adolescents and parents with the knowledge and tools needed for effective environmental conservation. By instilling a sense of responsibility and offering actionable solutions for land restoration, soil degradation, deforestation, biodiversity loss, climate change and pollution control, they have taken steps towards securing a sustainable future for the planet.

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