Fisheries Development Oman Welcomes European Market to Sustainable Seafood Products and Solutions


Muscat, Oman – April 22, 2024 – Fisheries Development Oman (FDO), the investment arm of the Oman Investment Authority in the fisheries sector, is set to make a significant impact at the upcoming Seafood Expo Global, taking place from April 23-25, 2024, in Barcelona, Spain. FDO is committed to showcasing its innovative investments, cutting-edge production facilities, and sustainably sourced seafood products from Oman to the global marketplace. With a steadfast  commitment to sustainability, FDO invites the International markets to explore Oman’s thriving fishing sector and discover unparalleled investment opportunities.

Nabil Al Bimani, Group CEO of FDO emphasized, “Our presence at the Seafood Expo Global is a significant stride toward positioning Oman as a global leader in sustainable seafood practices and  products. We are dedicated to presenting Oman’s abundant marine resources to the world, underpinned by our unwavering commitment to sustainability and innovation.”

Sustainability and Innovation: Pillars of FDO’s Vision

FDO champions responsible and sustainable fishery and aquaculture practices, integrating cutting-edge technologies and methods to ensure environmental stewardship. Committed to Oman Vision 2040, FDO fosters economic competitiveness while preserving marine ecosystems and supporting local communities.

Partnering with SMEs, FDO drives socio-economic growth by creating jobs and fostering skill development. Through initiatives like Omanization and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, FDO empowers communities and contributes to local and regional prosperity.

Certified Excellence: FDO’s Quality Assurance

FDO adheres to the industry’s strictest quality control standards, pursuing certifications from the FDA, ISO, HACCP, and sustainability bodies like Marine Trust and Friends of the Sea. These certifications and accreditations attest to FDO’s dedication to delivering premium, sustainable source of seafood products globally.

Charting the Course for Sustainable Growth

At the Seafood Expo Global, FDO will actively discuss sustainable fishing, climate resilience, and traceability. With a bold vision for 2028, FDO will not only contribute to the national GDP but also help create jobs, infrastructure, and a thriving fisheries sector, solidifying its pivotal role in Oman’s economic landscape.

Expanding Horizons: FDO’s European Outreach

FDO is poised to penetrate the European market, offering responsibly sourced seafood products.
FDO aims to establish a robust presence in Europe and beyond.

Inviting Partnerships and Investments

FDO’s participation underscores its commitment to global engagement and invites investments into Oman’s fisheries sector. Positioned at Hall 1F, Booth No. 601, FDO welcomes industry stakeholders to explore collaboration opportunities and contribute to the sustainable growth of Oman’s fisheries industry.

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