GROHE SPA Launches Timeless Elegance and Luxury with Atrio Private Collection

16th April 2024: GROHE, a leading global luxury brand for complete bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings, has extended its luxurious segment GROHE SPA, with the debut of the Atrio Private Collection. This bespoke collection redefines luxury by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge water technology with masterful designs, to add a touch of personalization to your bath space.

Grohe Atrio Collection..

The hallmark of the Atrio Private Collection is its essence of individuality—the quality of being exquisitely tailored to specific consumer preferences. Offering a diverse array of levers, Caesarstone quartz inserts, and finishes, customers can personalize their bathroom interiors to reflect their unique style. The collection spans various aesthetic styles, from minimalist to classic, presenting a harmonious fusion of clear lines and rounded shapes that redefine luxury. For this exclusive Atrio Private Collection, GROHE has collaborated with Caesarstone to craft faucet handles with timeless and durable quartz designs.

Each element within the collection is crafted in three distinct finishes and various sizes, allowing customers to design the ideal bath space. Whether renovating at home or creating a lavish spa retreat, the adaptability of the Atrio collection ensures a perfect fit for every space. Designed to deliver ease of use and longevity, every faucet in the collection embodies the best contemporary architecture right into the heart of your bathroom design.

The Atrio Private Collection is a result of impeccable craftsmanship and unmatched elegance. Drawing inspiration from the infinite purity and precision of the circle, the Atrio faucets embody a sleek, cylindrical form that exudes style and sophistication. The spout curves in the perfect arc of a semicircle, with every element of the faucet complementing each other, creating a bespoke visual statement. The Atrio Private Collection is currently being showcased at Milan Design Week 2024, capturing the attention of design enthusiasts and industry professionals alike with its breathtaking simplicity and aesthetic ideals.

Mr. Bobby Joseph, Leader, of LWT India, and Subcon, said,” At GROHE, we believe that true innovation stands the test of time. The Atrio Private Collection sets a new standard for contemporary design with its timeless luxury. Designed to make a positive statement in any cosmopolitan bathroom scheme, the new collection is a testament to GROHE’s commitment to quality, innovation, and luxury. Moreover, through our collaboration with Caesarstone, we intend to offer luxurious experiences to our customers to create personalized water experiences. This level of customization sets a new standard in the industry for our brand.”

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