Goodbye Commuting Woes: Rapido Guarantees Instant Lowest Price Cabs and Autos

Mumbai, 16 April 2024: This IPL season, Rapido, a leading ride-hailing company operating in over 100 cities nationwide, is rolling out two impactful campaigns: ‘Lowest Price Guaranteed’ and ‘5 nahi toh 50’ spotlighting their cab and auto services respectively.

Crafted by The Other Half, a boutique creative and production agency, each narrative in these campaigns ingeniously brings to light the suppressed feelings of distress and inconvenience encountered by commuters when they’re unable to secure immediate transportation. These stories vividly illustrate the emotional rollercoaster of the wait, emphasizing the urgent need for prompt and low-price conveyance.

The Rapido Cab campaign presents Rapido’s offerings as the hottest news in town in a hilarious manner. Promising commuters ‘Lowest price guaranteed’, the campaign ensures the lowest price or else double money in your wallet. Each film in the series depicts an eventful scenario where a taxi is urgently needed. However, the comedic essence lies in the overshadowing of these events by Rapido’s lowest price guarantee offer.

In Rapido’s auto-focused campaign, “5 nahi toh 50”, the brand puts a humorous spin on the trope of doctors recommending products in traditional advertising. The campaign highlights the frustration experienced by female commuters when they cannot readily find an auto-rickshaw. In these lighthearted films, a doctor abruptly prescribes Rapido as the ultimate solution, surpassing regular auto-hailing apps. Rapido guarantees an auto will arrive within 5 minutes, or the customer receives 50 rupees in their wallet. This ensures Rapido provides swift and dependable transportation for its customers.

The brilliance of these campaigns lies in their relatability and exaggerated depiction of these shared experiences, resonating deeply with audiences. The incorporation of fun and catchy jingles, such as ‘Guarantee pe guarantee, lowest price guarantee,’ and ‘5 nahi toh 50’ further enhances the humor and memorability of the messages conveyed.

Pavan Guntupalli, Co-founder of Rapido, emphasized that “Our campaigns are crafted around fundamental category truths, showcasing the unique aspects of our offerings. The campaign will enable us to dial up brand preference. By crafting captivating stories (category truths) that resonate deeply with our users, we’re poised to establish Rapido as the undisputed leader in convenient, affordable, and reliable transportation solutions.

Arjuna Gaur, Film Director, commented, “Our Rapido campaigns tap into the frustration of waiting for a cab or an auto, especially in crucial moments. We highlight the importance of timely transportation and aim to connect emotionally with our audience. By adding humour and relatability, we turn mundane experiences into memorable stories. The catchy jingles, like ‘Guarantee pe guarantee, lowest price guarantee,’ and ‘5 nahi toh 50’ reassure consumers that Rapido understands their needs and is dedicated to providing affordable rides.”

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