Hikvision enhances unified smart switch and security device management

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Hikvision has announced significant enhancements to its Hik-Partner Pro (HPP) app. This will improve the mobile experience with seamless installation and control of smart managed switches and security devices from a single, unified system.

This year, Hikvision introduced its Smart Managed Switches, which integrate effortlessly with the HPP app. This provides installers with a user-friendly solution for managing various devices through one comprehensive system, allowing for fast delivery and easy remote device operations and maintenance.

Randy Qian, Product Director at Hikvision, says, “At Hikvision, we strive for your operational convenience. Our enhanced HPP app offers an optimized visual representation and interaction of network topologies, ensuring that device connections and network status are easily accessible. This makes it far easier for installers to manage security systems remotely.”

Mobile convenience based on a one-stop solution

The enhancements to the HPP app significantly increase convenience for installers by providing a single environment for managing switches and security devices remotely. The one-stop solution provides three key benefits:

• Simplified setup

With the app, installers can set up the system via their smartphone. This eliminates the need for extra equipment, such as computers or monitors.

• Topology at a glance

Installers can view the entire network topology on their mobile device, giving them immediate system insights, allowing them to identify and fix malfunctions faster.

• Effortless maintenance

Installers can use the system’s remote maintenance capabilities to carry out troubleshooting tasks directly on their phones, with no need for expensive, time-consuming site visits.

Tools for optimizing the network topology

In the latest iteration of HPP, the network topology feature has been greatly improved. One of the key upgrades is an easy-to-navigate interface for faster and more accurate visualization of the network structure.

To enhance topology visualization, the new version of HPP provides a range of features that enhance system visibility. The features, which include “aggregation”, “zoom”, “landscape view”, and “stacking”, provide in-depth details of the system topology, device status and other notifications. All of this gives users immediate insights into network health, bandwidth usage, power usage, and device details.

Real-time video from integrated IP cameras can also be viewed directly in the app, enabling better situational analysis and more efficient equipment management. The ability to zoom in and out of screenshots further extends the benefits for end users.

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With these enhancements, status insights are just a tap away, fault diagnosis is streamlined and users can troubleshoot the entire system remotely, like a port reboot to swiftly address problems and to minimize downtime and disruptions.

Networking and security in one

Managing video and networking devices across various platforms can be complex, but the smart managed switch simplifies the process. Seamless integration with the HPP app ensures a streamlined management experience and a quick visit to the switch site gives users a comprehensive view of device interconnections and switch port status across the entire topology.

With enhanced visibility of the entire environment, unforeseen slowdowns become manageable events. At the same time, the system’s real-time monitoring and instant alerts eliminate the need for cross-system checks, enabling more efficient and proactive maintenance.

Hikvision strives for deep integration between video and switches and plans to expand this integration to other network devices in the near future. This strategy will ensure that installers continue to enjoy streamlined, efficient, and secure networking management solutions.

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