What this budget meant for logistics Industry

Bengaluru February 5, 2024– Finance Minister of India Ms Nirmala Sitaraman presented her annual but interim budget (due to ensuing elections) very recently. It had slew of offerings for logistics industry. The logistics sector has received a major push in the Interim Budget 2024 as the government plans to set up three major economic railway corridors to reduce congestion and logistics costs in India. Industry stakeholders welcomed the government’s plans but have highlighted that certain areas still require attention. Industry stakeholders welcomed the government’s plans but have highlighted that certain areas still require attention.

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The government said these projects have been identified under the PM Gati Shakti for enabling multi-modal connectivity. These commodity-specific economic rail corridors aim to address congestion issues in rail lines, particularly in the eastern region. These dedicated corridors will facilitate faster movement of freight and improve turnaround times, reducing logistics costs for India. Currently, logistics costs account for approximately 12% of India’s GDP, which hampers its competitiveness, particularly in the manufacturing sector, compared with competing countries. Industry stakeholders say that by reducing traffic on transportation routes and improving the efficiency of freight transportation, the county can increase its logistical competitiveness.

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Giving his views on the budget Lobb Logistics Chief Executive Officer Venu Kondur said, “This will be an added boost to Tech led logistics businesses “All forms of infrastructure – digital, social, physical – are being built in record time”, he went on to say “the government must adopt economic policies that will sustain growth and contribute in powering investment and fulfil aspirations. The commitment of renewed assurance on logistics policy and connecting multi-model through technology is going to be key. Increasing road network for motorable roads is also an added fillip to us. The government will take up next generation reforms and build consensus with the states and stakeholders to ensure effective implementation, Policy priority to provide training for MSMEs to compete globally. The government promise to expand and strengthen the EV ecosystem by supporting manufacturing and charging infrastructure”.

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