Navratri Festivity Meets Mexican Flavours with Cornitos’ No Onion No Garlic Range

Navratri Festivity Meets Mexican Flavours with Cornitos' No Onion No Garlic Range Cornitos is offering a special range of flavours to celebrate the Navratri festival, a widely celebrated occasion in India that honours the goddess Durga. These unique flavours have been crafted keeping in mind the festival’s core values of purity and power. What’s more, these flavours are completely vegetarian and do not contain onion or garlic, making them the perfect snack choice for those who adhere to a strict Navratri diet.

The Navratri special flavours are available in three different and tantalizing varieties. The fiery Sizzlin Jalapeno flavour is perfect for those who crave a spicy kick that will set their taste buds ablaze. The Cheese and Herbs flavour is a delightful blend of Cheddar Cheese and Italian herbs that provides a satisfying and wholesome experience for cheese lovers. And if you’re looking for a flavour that’s both juicy and spicy, then the Tomato Mexicana variety is the perfect choice for you, with its luscious blend of tomatoes and jalapenos.

This special range can easily be purchased online from the  These flavours are not only delicious but are also made using only the highest quality, non-GMO yellow corn, which is procured through contract farming. The traditional Mexican Lime-treatment process is used to make these crisps.

So why wait? Treat yourself with the No Onion No Garlic range this Navratri.

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