Neem Joins the MENA Fintech Association & The Sustainable Fintech Alliance

Mfta x Neem Banner

Dubai – UAE, 16th April 2024 – The MENA Fintech Association, the premier not-for-profit organization dedicated to serving fintech startups and established players across the Middle East and Africa, is excited to announce its partnership with Neem, a leading embedded finance platform enabling digital businesses across industries to provide financial products to their customers.

Founded in 2018, the MENA Fintech Association has earned recognition as one of the top 4 fintech bodies globally. With a strong presence in the Middle East and Africa, the association has been at the forefront of driving innovation and fostering collaboration in the fintech industry.

Neem is a leading embedded finance company with a strong vision for financial wellness. Neem’s Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform enables digital businesses across various industries to provide embedded financial services to their customers. Neem was founded in 2019 by experienced fintech entrepreneurs, Vladimira Briestenska, Nadeem Shaikh and Naeem Zamindar. Neem is backed by global investors, including DNI Group, Arif Habib, Outrun Ventures, SparkLabs Fintech, angel investors from Stripe, PayNet, M-Pesa and more. They are registered in Singapore and operating in Pakistan.

Nameer Khan, Chairman MENA Fintech Association stated the following regarding this new partnership, “We warmly welcome Neem to the MENA Fintech Association. With their innovative embedded finance platform and extensive experience in the fintech sector, Neem brings valuable expertise to our diverse community. Together, we look forward to fostering collaboration and driving financial inclusion across the MENA region.”

“It’s an honor for us at Neem to join the industry-shaping and globally recognised MENA Fintech Association. We will actively contribute to its thought leadership, advocacy, and meaningful financial wellness and sustainability initiatives together with other leaders from the region,” commented Cofounder at Neem, Vladimira Briestenska.

Neem’s inclusion in both the MENA Fintech Association and the Sustainable Fintech Alliance signifies a profound commitment to fostering fintech innovation and advancing financial inclusion across the Middle East and Africa. This partnership not only highlights a transformative collaboration but also signals a significant shift in the financial landscape of the region. By leveraging the collective expertise, resources, and innovative solutions of both organizations, this alliance is poised to drive impactful change, empower marginalized communities, and unlock fresh avenues for growth and prosperity throughout the MENA region. Together, they aim to spearhead pioneering initiatives, enhance accessibility to financial services, and catalyze the development of a more inclusive and resilient financial ecosystem for all stakeholders.

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