Britannia Winkin’ Cow Scores Big with ‘Cow Corner Shots’ Campaign at IPL 2024

Britannia Winkin’ Cow and Schbang team up to bring ‘Cow Corner Shots’ to life at IPL 2024 with an eye-catching 10-second Aston Band. The campaign aims to educate cricket fans about the Cow Corner and associate the excitement of this shot with Winkin’ Cow Thick Shakes. The Aston Band starts with a player hitting the ball straight to the Cow Corner, followed by a stunning display of the word ‘WOW’ that transitions into the tagline ‘Sip the Wow.’ The integration of the cow mascot, products, and logo strengthens brand recall, making this campaign a perfect blend of cricket action and delicious indulgence. Get ready to ‘Sip the Wow’ with every Cow Corner Shot this IPL season.

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