Samsung Launches Season 3 of ‘Solve for Tomorrow’ with Separate School and Youth Tracks

Bengaluru, India – April 11, 2024: Samsung, India’s largest consumer electronics brand, has announced the third edition of its flagship CSR initiative – ‘Solve for Tomorrow’, in strategic collaboration with the Foundation for Innovation & Technology Transfer (FITT), IIT Delhi, Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, and the United Nations in India. With Solve for Tomorrow, Samsung aims to usher in a culture of innovative thinking and problem-solving amongst the country’s youth.


Solve for Tomorrow 2024 was inaugurated by Mr. JB Park, President & CEO, Samsung Southwest Asia, Dr. Sandip Chatterjee, Sr. Director and Scientist ‘G’, Ministry of Electronics & IT, and Mr. Shombi Sharp, United Nations Resident Coordinator in India, in the presence of other dignitaries.

The CSR program recognizes the power of innovative solutions and their ability to transform lives, make a strong social impact, and strengthen Samsung’s vision of #TogetherforTomorrow #EnablingPeople.

This year, the ‘Solve for Tomorrow’ program introduces two distinct tracks – School Track and Youth Track, each dedicated to championing a specific theme and targeted towards different age groups. Both the tracks will run simultaneously, ensuring equal opportunity and a level playing field for all students.

The School Track is tailored for students aged 14-17, focusing on the theme “community and inclusion”. The track underscores the importance of uplifting underprivileged groups, improving accessibility to health & social inclusion for all through social innovations and hence ‘Solving for India’.

The Youth Track, on the other hand, targets individuals aged 18-22, with a focus on the theme “environment and sustainability”. The track seeks innovative ideas for reducing carbon footprint, protecting the environment & promoting sustainability, and hence ‘Solving for the World’.

Mr. JB Park, President & CEO, of Samsung Southwest Asia, said, “At Samsung, we strive to inspire and shape the future through innovative ideas and transformative technologies. Our mission revolves around fostering the next generation of innovators and catalysts for social change. Solve for Tomorrow is truly shaping up as a platform for India’s youth to come up with meaningful innovations that can improve the lives of people.

In the first two editions, we have seen this CSR initiative have a positive impact on the next generation, who scaled greater heights, embarking on their social entrepreneurship journey. In its third edition, with the introduction of two separate tracks, we aim to solve simultaneously for India and for the world. More importantly, with this flagship CSR programme, we want to play our part in strengthening the innovation ecosystem in the country.”

Dr. Sandip Chatterjee, Senior Director and Scientist ‘G’, The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) said, “Environment and sustainable development are amongst the priority agenda of Government of India. It is an opportune moment to combine technology with the human capabilities to accelerate economic growth. Indian youth, having innovative minds and skills, cares deeply for the environment. Using radical innovations, various global grassroots issues and challenges could be addressed. Programmes like ‘Solve for Tomorrow’ are a testament to realise the vision of the Government of India, by harnessing the power of youth.”

Prof. Rangan Banerjee, Director, IIT Delhi said, “We are honoured to continue our partnership with Samsung as their key partner in the ‘Solve for Tomorrow’ programme. This collaboration underscores the commitment to fostering innovation and empowering young minds to drive positive change in the society.”

Shombi Sharp, UN Resident Coordinator in India, said, “I am delighted to participate in the third edition of the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow programme, an exciting initiative which encourages and promotes youth-led innovation to solve challenges related to the Sustainable Development Goals. The UN system in India works with and supports initiatives by the private sector that promote the ambitions and leadership of young people, like The Solve for Tomorrow programme. With the greatest youth generation in history, ever, India has more young minds bringing their energy & solutions than ever before! This means that Indian solutions will also be global solutions.”

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