U.S. expansion helps fuel Horváth gains in profits, global market share

ATLANTA, Ga., April 11, 2024 – Horváth, a leading global management consulting company, today announced a significant milestone in its latest financial year (April 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024) by exceeding 300 million euros ($322 million) in sales for the first time. Along with continued growth of over 13%, this trend outperformed the market and follows a remarkable 23% growth for Horváth in the post-pandemic previous year.

Continued expansion into international markets, including the United States and North America, played a pivotal role in driving growth alongside growing operations in the European Union, Central Europe, the United Arab Emirates and other areas in the Middle East. This international push underscores Horváth’s strategic decision to tap into new markets and meet the growing demand for transformation services from global companies.

“Our expansion into the U.S. and North America, particularly in our core offerings around ERP transformation, risk management and performance management, serves as a testament to our commitment to meeting the evolving needs of our clients globally,” said Tony Klimas, president of Horváth USA. “This strategic decision fuels not only our growth but also our ability to deliver sustainable value and transformative solutions to our clients anywhere in the world.”

The company’s ambitious plans for the upcoming financial year (2024/2025) also reflect its confidence in sustained double-digit growth, fueled by its strengthened management team. The addition of five new partners, hailing from Germany, Hungary, Romania, and the Middle East, further bolsters Horváth’s global presence and supports continued growth despite the strong economic headwinds faced by all.

“The fact that we have grown by a total of 40 percent in the Group over the past two years, which is well above the industry average, is due not only to the exceptional commitment of our highly motivated teams on a daily basis, but above all to our highly sought-after transformation expertise and our strong implementation skills. Our growth is also being driven by our increasingly international business,” said Helmut Ahr, CEO of Horváth. “The massive pressure for change in all industries and the associated need for transformation in our clients’ business models is greater than ever before — and it will continue.”

The newly elected partners bring a broad set of skills, experiences and backgrounds to the table, reflecting Horváth’s commitment to diversity and innovation. Notably, they will provide expertise in digital transformation and the use of artificial intelligence (AI) which underscores the company’s focus on staying at the forefront of industry trends and technologies.

Further, Maria Boldor, Matthias Emler, Saad Hamam, Vera Koltai, and Tobias Steinhauser, the newly appointed partners, each bring unique expertise in areas such as transformation projects, data science, strategy, HR, and procurement, further enriching Horváth’s capabilities.

Horváth USA also recently announced the promotion of Nikolas Spatz to senior project manager. Spatz will lead U.S. efforts around revenue solutions and risk management and play a key role in the growing U.S. business.

Additionally, within the last year, Horváth announced an expanded U.S. partnership agreement with software provider BlackLine, a leading global provider of cloud software that automates and controls financial close and other key accounting processes. The association will further combine Horváth’s deep knowledge of SAP and Finance Transformation with BlackLine’s leading software and technology, designated as a “Solution Extension” or SOLEX by SAP, to extend and improve upon SAP’s award-winning ERP software. Horvath also finalized a partnership agreement with software provider Archer Integrated Risk Management, whose vision, toolset and capability is closely aligned with Horvath’s vision around risk and performance management.

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