Statue of Major Dhyan Chand has become the victim of apathy and negligence: Atul Malikram

Statue of Major Dhyan Chand has become the victim of apathy and negligence: Atul Malikram

The greatest hockey player of all time, Dhyan Chand mesmerized the world with his hockey stick and put India on the world map. But, after all these years, India seems to forget his contributions. The statue of our ‘Hockey wizard’ in Bundelkhand us facing neglect for since past many days. It seems that authorities did not have time to take care of the statue properly. This is why Bundelkhand troopel, Bundelkhand region’s online channel has come forward with an initiative to undertake a slew of measures to aware the government authorities of the neglect of Major Dhyanchand’s statue.

Dhyan Chand, also known as ‘The Wizard’ for his immaculate ball control helped India win three Olympic gold medals in 1928, 1932 and 1936. As per his autobiography, Goal, he scored a mammoth of 570 goals in 185 matches. And after all, he did for the country and its glory, his statue has become the victim of apathy and negligence of the civic body in the city. The condition of the old memorial of Major Dhyan Chand in Jhansi of Uttar Pradesh is getting worse day by day. Drug waste and various types of garbage and filth are causing its destruction. The statue is wallowing in disregard and crying for attention for the past many years. There is also a severe shortage of maintenance personnel. Despite several attempts by the residents and others to draw the attention of the administration, no concrete steps have been taken so far.

Bundelkhand troopel has been trying to establish contact with the Sports Department through letters in the past months. Through the letters, they request the authorities to provide special attention to the maintenance and cleanliness of the monument (statue) to save the sacrifice of Major Dhyan Chand from getting tarnished. The place should be beautified from the point of view of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, with the mention of his fame and achievements. Bundelkhand troopel is urging the authorities and the public to end the misdeeds of the anti-social elements and rejuvenate this place so that new generations can also get acquainted with the magic of hockey and get inspired and bring glory to the country.

The nation should not forget the dedication of Major Dhyanchand, and equally, respect should be given to his memorial. It is quite ironic that while on one hand, his birthday is celebrated as ‘National Sports Day’ while on the other hand, his statue is ignored and lying in the dust. In such a situation, the plight of his memorial leaves one’s mind shaken as to what effect it will have on the youth of tomorrow seeing this condition of the statue of the greatest hockey player.

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