STEPN Launches $30M Airdrop Preceding Big Partnership

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 11, 2024 – SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – Move-and-earn lifestyle app STEPN has launched an airdrop campaign that will see the distribution of 100 million FSL Points, equivalent to USD $30 million. These are redeemable 1:1 for STEPN’s native GMT token.

The drop comes ahead of a soon-to-be-announced partnership with one of the world’s best-known sports brands.

The leading Solana-based NFT project is conducting the airdrop in two phases, culminating today –Wednesday, April 10.

Phase 1: STEPN badge holders, who can earn FSL Points via achievements completed within the STEPN app

Phase 2: Genesis Sneakers holders, with most loyal users eligible for higher rewards

The FSL Points earned in this campaign will allow users to participate in upcoming STEPN mints and improve their chances of obtaining exclusive prizes. FSL Points can also be swapped for GMT via the STEPN marketplace with 1 FSL Point = 1 GMT.

Commenting on the news, Shiti Manghani, CEO of STEPN by FSL, says: “We have decided to launch this huge airdrop campaign as a token of gratitude to our most loyal community members, providing them with priority access to our upcoming mints and other exclusive rewards.

“STEPN currently finds itself at a very exciting juncture, with major plans in the pipeline this year to supercharge our growth and cement our leading position in the move-and-earn sector. The next few months mark a pivotal moment for STEPN, and we’re thrilled to share this with our most dedicated supporters.”

Airdrop recipients have until the end of April to claim their rewards, contingent on meeting several criteria. To claim their points, users will need to sign up for an FSL ID ( This allows users to seamlessly interact and earn rewards within the FSL ecosystem, from STEPN to NFT marketplace MOOAR and leading strategy game Gas Hero.

This airdrop is the first of several high-profile announcements from STEPN that are set to significantly boost its competitive position and reignite the move-and-earn sector. As crypto enters a fresh market cycle and mainstream interest renews in innovative fitness and lifestyle solutions, STEPN is one of the few initiatives to bridge the Web2 / Web3 divide.

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