Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India conducts a successful Road Safety Awareness Campaign at Ranchi

Ranchi, 11th April 2024: Road safety stands as the foremost priority of HMSI. To foster responsible behavior on the roads and contribute towards creating a more vigilant and safety-focused society, the company regularly organizes Road Safety Awareness Campaigns across diverse regions in the country. HMSI firmly believes that such campaigns encourage individuals to adopt safe driving practices, fostering a culture of caution and consideration on the roads.

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Among various activities, one such campaign was recently organized in the city of Ranchi which left a notable imprint on the participants. Continuing its focus on educating young minds, HMSI witnessed the active participation of over 2500 school students and staff members at the premises of Army Public School.

HMSI underscores the necessity of teaching road safety principles to children from an early age, and thus, promotes the inclusion of road safety educational curriculum at both school and college levels. Understanding that young minds are receptive to learning, the company aims to empower the next generation with the knowledge and skills necessary for navigating roads responsibly. The road safety awareness campaign consists of highly interactive and engaging activities such as Road Safety Games, Safe Road Theory Sessions, Slow Bicycle Riding, Road Signage, and Riding posture training.

Since its inception, HMSI has imparted Road Safety Education to nearly 4 Lacs individuals including children and adults in the state of Jharkhand, striving to promote Safe Riding as an everyday habit for all.

Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India’s CSR Commitment towards Road Safety:

In 2021, Honda globally made a vision statement for the year 2050 where it will strive for zero traffic collision fatalities involving Honda motorcycles and automobiles. In India, HMSI is working in line with this vision and the Government of India’s direction of reducing fatalities to half by 2030.

One critical aspect of achieving this goal is inculcating a positive mindset towards road safety in our children by the year 2030 and continuing to educate them thereafter. Road safety education at schools and Colleges is not only to create awareness but to inculcate a safety culture in young minds and turn them to be safety ambassadors. It empowers future generations to become responsible and significantly contribute to a safer society.

HMSI wants to be a company that Society wants to exist and is strongly focusing on Road safety awareness to all sections of society with unique ideas catering to each segment from school kids to Corporations and society at large.

HMSI’s set of skilled safety instructors conducts daily programs at our 10 adopted traffic training parks (TTP) across India and 6 Safety Driving Education Centers (SDEC) to make road safety education accessible to every part of society, and the initiative has already reached over 5.7 million Indians. HMSI’s National Road Safety Awareness program made learning fun yet scientific through:

SCIENTIFICALLY DEVISED LEARNING MODULE: Honda’s skilled instructors set the foundation with theory sessions on road signs & markings, driver’s duties on the road, riding gear & posture explanation, and safe riding etiquette.

1. PRACTICAL LEARNING: A special training activity on Honda’s virtual riding simulator was executed for all to experience over 100 possible dangers on the road before actual riding.

2. INTERACTIVE SESSION: Participants were given danger prediction training known as Kiken Yosoku Training (KYT) which helps in enhancing rider/driver’s sensitivity to danger and ensures safe driving behavior on roads.

3. EXISTING DRIVERS HONING RIDING SKILLS: Students & school staff members who are already existing riders tested & honed their riding skills through slow riding activities and riding on narrow planks.

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